20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. you definately need a more show than go car to pull it off.....but i have to agree....looks a bit too ricey.....but to each his own.
  2. now big rims are ricey? What the hell is going on anymore?
  3. no, just plain stupid looking on a mustang.
  4. Thats an opinion, not a fact. I will admit I dont like them on most stangs, but some cars like that Bullit has proven to show that they can look good. Then again thats just an opinion.
  5. I would like to know how 20 inch rims are considered rice??
  6. Wheels

    I totaly agree with you JonJon thoses
    fugly wheels make thoses stangs look really hidious
    in my opnion :notnice: 20" Wheels :notnice:
    Mustangs were made for performance not a "bling bling
    mobile"! I wouldn't go bigger than a 17" Wheel.
  7. ok i used to think 20s look nice on mustangs but that first one turned me off to the idea. I hate to say but it kind of makes it look like a toy car or something that should be on a cartoon tshirt. Some styles look not so bad but the first ones that def looks like crap
  8. this reminded me the other day i saw a white v6 mustang with 20 inch spinners. Wow that was bad is all i am going to say
  9. :stupid:
    and like clown shoes
  10. Bad thread to look at before you go to sleep :nonono:
  11. yeah i hate clowns
    they're ugly
  12. damn cow-boys

    found some sweet 19s ill be posting pics soon as i find some good rubbers. :nonono:

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  14. 20's = teh lose :nonono:

    17's is the way to go. 18's is max. Nothing more IMO. Anything over 18 and you need to upgrade your subs in the back and shocks, to make the car hop as you drive down the street like snoop dogg. Holla. :notnice: :nonono:

    17's and 18's have better performance AND looks. If iwas judging a car, i wouldn't look down on it just because it had 20' rims, on some cars it looks nice. But i if i saw it on a mustang i'd get sick.
  15. i think 20's are a little big but 19's and 18 look good if you choose a rim what works not some bling blingin rims.
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