20 Inch Rims???????

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by yellow99convert, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. A review for everyone:
    20s: Fugly
    19s: Pushing it
    18s: Max
    17s: Best
    Am I right for the most part here? Besides, there's no practical use for 20s.
  2. I think 18's looks the best on stangs... and holy ****.. how old is this thread..
  3. Yeah, cerp keeps bringing it back up.
  4. maybe hes really the mad tyte hustla from houston whos got the fast super secret bullitt? or not.
  5. Damn this is an old thread.

    But to add my 2 cents.

    I just bought a set of 20's for My 99. I've had 8 different sets of wheels on this car, and these are DEFINATELY the best looking on the car. They are tucked up under there very nicely, and it looks abesolutely sick.

    I think most here are too narrow minded to have a real opinion with any validity. Like most have said here, they are for show. I plan on showing my car at many events this year, so I feel like they are needed. For everyday driving, I might floss the Fr500's or Y2k's. As far as performance..... Thats what slicks and skinnies are for.

    So for all the haters....

    While your pointin and makin "ghetto" comments about my 20's, i'll be skatin sideways, well into boost right by you. And be sure to look into my bling, so you can see the reflection of your eyeballs poppin out of your forehead.
  6. whats up

    yo bringit99 you should send me a pic of your car with the 20s :hail2: so i can check it out :nice:
    i seen the paint job you got that is bad ass. :banana:
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  9. Gotta admit those bullit rims look pretty sweet, must ride like hell tho.
  10. ...

  11. I agree, I would have been happy if I stayed at 17's in hind sight, but since i already spent the money..18's it is..18's look and still perform good, but come on.., 19's , 20's..you're getting into ghetto looks to be politically uncorrect :)
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  12. Double post..I might as well say again that bigger than 18"..Nahh..
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