20 Inch Rims???????

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    that's funny stuff
  2. exactly

    exept i dont think thats 1990lx because at least homie G riders car actually looks fast (assuming the stripe gives it about 80 horsies) :rlaugh:
  3. :nonono: All kidding aside, i dont even know why you signed up for stangnet? You have ZERO tech advice and are just threatening other members with empty threats. Honestly, i dont get it? Why don't you go to another forum and stop wasting thread space with horrible english and threats that only make you come off as immature and idiotic :shrug:
  4. :rlaugh: A picture is worth 1,000 words :D
  5. for the internet police" i come in peace"

    :flag: hey for real all kidding aside i come to this site to get advice and check out stangs i have been a mustang guru forever and if you you check back on this thread i relly am serious about 20s on a stang now for those that dont like it thats fine but dont argue with me about it .i finally did order some 19s for my ride after taking off the 20s but the last part of the thred had said i was looking for some forged 20s or sweet nineteens and only about three people really responded with an appropriate answer. i even asked that i didnt want opinions about what other people thought. well that goes to show you who came off as being immature and idiotic so how can i be blamed for somone elses mistakes and no i did not just join i been here for a while i just forgot my old email address and pass word they were all under mack and mackn or somthing look it up if you want. as for the reason i havent posted any tech articles lately is because most of what i need to know has already been answered and im not here to waste memory and ask silly questions that have nothing to do with the thread as many of you have done for example why would i ask for more pics under a different thread when there is already this one. so lets leave it at that since i am under constant observation and since there is no point to arguing on here just as i have said before let me go about my business and you already know im not all up in yours . its like being in an ocean full of sharks and asking them not to eat you because you want to swim and fish there.
    i think thats fair dont you so far i have been the only mature one to try to bring this to an end but some of you dont get it and keep calling me out like you get a woody out of typing bullstuff and arguing with me about nothing.
    so give me my respect as i will. all that dont agree with what im doing to my stang well if you dont like it you always have yours right. :nonono: .
  6. So where do you get the Gran Torino badges at????
  7. this thread won't die.

    everyone must relize that the only rims that look good on mustangs are bullitt, cobra, saleen wheels. everthing else just sucks.

    Idividuallity bad, stock wheels cool
  8. oh no an internet tough guy! keep trying you stupid wigger.
  9. that bullit looks uber hot with those wheels. The new edge stangs can look sweet with 20s on them...it has to be executed perfectly though.
  10. I think the 20's look great...I espically like the silver car on the first page, and the bullit is ok too..I dont however like em if they are ghettofied lookin. ;-)

    If the wheels would look good to me as 17's id like em better as 20's! Not for me tho...im about goin fast, not the bling bling!
  11. "everyone must relize that the only rims that look good on mustangs are bullitt, cobra, saleen wheels. everthing else just sucks." LOL that makes no sense for u to say that when you have the wheels you have...I agree with that in most cases tho

    I do however like ur wheels, those are an exception...I was looking at ur AV...nice.im not a big fan of anything bigger than a 17 myself..I tried 18in cobra R's for a lil while on nittos...couldent get ne traction. Went back to 17's.
  12. teh hell kinda post wh0ring is that? :shrug:
  13. 20s in a 99

    what you guys think??????? 20 by 11 in the back 20 by 9.5 in the front!!the ride is hard but looks outrageous!!I know too heavy but you wont catch me at the strip with them!!!

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  14. looks like s*h*i*t
  15. 20s = teh ugly
  16. My best friend stuffed 20's on his 95.

  17. I think those two don't look too bad. I personally wouldn't do it, but they're definately not :puke: It's those ghetto style diamond-cut looking bling rims that look like ass.
  18. Your friend's gonna need that 5.8 to push all that wheel.