20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. They might be heavy but he can still break them loose at 70 MPH.
  2. The Mustang is a muscle car, not some pimps-n-hoes ghetto bling bling mobile. Anything above a 19 inch wheel is gay!! Chrome 19+ rims with ghetto designs do not belong on a Mustang!! If you want to get 19 inch chrome spinners, get an Escalade not a Stang. This thread makes me wanna cry and puke!! I cant believe ppl would do that to a Mustang!
  3. Mustang can be a muscle and a show car at the same time. Some people get 20's just to be different than everyone else. I know I don't want to have a car that looks like someone elses. Thats why I painted it a color that no one else has and when I get my rims they will not be what everyone else has.
  4. stop saying 20"s are for show
    they're ugly so how is that for show

    BS on you
  5. I think those look good, you pulled those 20's off very well.
  6. my 2 cents

    ok well pretty much its been summed up a few times but im goin to say it and show something a little yellow guy has ok MUSTANG muscle car :flag: american flag not HONDA peice of **** chinese japaenese who give s a **** 20s do not go on a ****in MUSTANG personally i wouldnt go over 18 but 20's r ghetto u might as well throw u a gold pony in the grill and gold gt's on it and put some ****in fuzzy dice in the rear view so dont waste ur time or money hell the money u put into 20's u could spend on something else soo lets not think to hard on this and just throw the 20's out and quit tryin to be queer like all these little fast and the furious kids
  7. 20" rims are gay...PERIOD!
  8. :stupid:
  9. You ressurected this thread....to post THAT???
  10. How dare you question my use of smiles :fuss:
  11. Might be a little late, this thread has gone down hill fast :rolleyes:

    Here's some 20's on a friends car

  12. I think 20s fit on the new Mustang very nicely. They may still be too big for most people, but it definitly fits the "bigger" looking car.
  13. wow this thread.. is reallly old


    cerp, if youre still around, i think you belong here...

  14. add some street glow, and its all good......:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  15. I know this is almost 3 years old. but this belongs in talk.
  16. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. [​IMG]
    wow what an ugly POS. Tell your friend thanks for ruining a nice car.:bang:
  18. It depends on the wheels, personally 19" is probaly the best imo the 99+ have hudge fenders, if lowered nice on 20s and the right style, 5 spoke deep dish rears they will look nice.
  19. I just figured I'd bring this one back from the dead. Yes it can be done. But its NO....its not for everyone.

  20. Depends on the car and style of wheel. 20"s are hard to pull off on a 99-04 Mustang. The above silver car pulls it off and that yellow 04 Cobra floating around with 20" wheels. Those have been the ONLY two Mustangs i've seen with 20's and actually like.

    Every other 20" wheel looks weird to me. It's just not the right proportion or the car isn't lowered to the right height to make it work. It really reminds me of one of those cartoons people draw of cars with exaggerated wheels like this

    The new 05+ Mustang has huge wheel wells and can pull off a lot of 20" wheel styles....like such

    Another thing is a lot of these aftermarket 20" wheels are just ugly as sin. They either have way too much chrome or bling in them.

    Anyway that's my opinion.