20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. heres some pics of my friends roush with 20s.

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  2. Holy s*h*i*t thats ugly. crapola :puke: You homeys rollin the Vin Dorksel way....:nonono:
  3. "...everytime I come around your city..."

  4. i would like to see some 19x11 inch gt 40 wheels on the rear of an sn95
  5. 20's are too much!!! on the 05+ GT's they are the max I would go BUT for the 99-04 mustangs 18's are the largest rim that should go on the car not to mention hitting a pot hole with DUBS!!!
  6. Foose

    I am actually trying to get rid of them.
    Im putting some Forgeline SO3P on it instead
    I personally think 20"s in the rear and 19"s in the front are the way to go. The reason I say this is, the saleen mustang's front bumper actually looks as if it is angled upward. So lowering the front down a little and adding universal splitters ex: from extremedimensions does the trick

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  7. holy thread revival batman :eek:
  8. holy thread revival batman

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  9. No crap:eek:
  10. I Agree, I have 19X8.5 front and 20X10.5 Rear. I am lowering it with either the Roush springs or Ford C springs soon. They both give about a 1.5" drop in the front and 3/4"- 1" in the rear. I'm told if I go any lower than that and I will have to roll the fenders and never put any one in the back seat. Here are pics...

  11. goodness..... thats pretty bad....
  12. Man no thanks; I will stick with my light 17" wheels. My wheels weigh around 20-22lbs, 20" are probably around 35 or more lbs. That’s an extra 52lbs of rotational weight on the car. Then factor in the larger diameter and you just kicked your acceleration down a lot.
  13. joshheat,
    I have never had a problem hitting pot holes. Ive had no rubbing its just fine.
    If your running 18"s or 17"s with the car being lowered dont you run into scraping the front bumper.

    These are 19's
    But, to go ahead and actually contribute something to it again......


  15. 99BRINGIT,

    Are those 20's or 19's in rear?
    Are those 19's or 18's in front?

  16. 18's and 20's
  17. 99BRINGIT,

    I like that setup a lott! Very impressed. I thought about getting 18's for front, but I thought there would be too much air space from the top of tire to the fender. I like the angle yours portray's as well. I hope the 20's in rear and 19's in front will be fine. i have adjustable suspension. I wanted to do a 20x11 in rear, but forgeline thought it wouldnt work.
  18. might break an axle from hard acceleration with good tires in order to run more bling, not thanks.
  19. Depending whats under the hood. I think larger wheels helps with acceleration if you more horsepower than needed. I know I would get less traction if I was running a 18". I can still spin like crazy with 20's. A lott of turbo porsche's 9 (tech art's esp.) go with 20's even 19's.
  20. 15x10's w/ 315's help traction too, doesn't mean you're not going to break an axle. Maybe you spin less cuz the wheel weighs more which means it's harder to move - like trying to do a burnout w/ a steamroller:p