Expired 20" Oem Mustang Gt Wheels With Original Tires

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  1. Hey guys. I'm posting this because I figured this would be a great place for mustang guys to find them. These are brand-new 20 inch Mustang GT wheels off of a 2016 convertible. The owner purchased the car brand-new and drove it from the dealership to our shop where we disassembled it to build a movie car. These are absolutely brand-new and flawless. They only have a few hundred miles on them of highway driving from the dealership to Florida from Alabama. The wheel sensors for the tire pressure system have been removed however the wheels were not separated from the tire So they do not require rebalancing. These are beautiful wheels and you can save quite a bit over buying them from Ford.

    I do also have the rear bumper, the trunk lid, and the side skirts. I also have the rear bumper and side skirts from a white eco-boost 2016 model from a prior car. That car also was brand-new. These wheels are on eBay and craigslist. Feel free to call me I am no scammer.

    $2000 or best offer cash for the wheels - pick them up in Central Florida, Sebastian Florida. These are selling on eBay for around 2600


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