20% Off Mustang MACH1 Style Chin Spoilers - April 2008 Forum Special

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  1. April is here and the forum member specials are back as promised! These deals are good from April 1st through April 30th. So take advantage of these exclusive savings while they last...you'd be a fool not to!

    20% Off Mustang MACH1 Style Chin Spoilers

    Only $79.99!!!

    Mustang MACH1 Style Chin Spoilers are the perfect styling cue to give your Mustang that aggressive front end look of the MACH1! These Spoiler Kits really help your Mustang stand out from the pack. Unlike other MACH1 style Chin Spoilers on the marker that use thin fragile materials and plastic mounting hardware, our Chin Spoilers feature thicker stronger construction and now come with metal fastener hardware!​

    1999-2004: http://www.americanmuscle.com/ma1chsp.html
    1994-1998: http://www.americanmuscle.com/94muchsp.html

    Discount code valid only on American Muscle MACH1 Style Chin Spoilers.

    Discount Code: fcmar08chinspoil20off​

    Important Legal Mumbo Jumbo: All prices subject to change. All sales and sales pricing subject to availability. All prices are good only while supplies last. Only one coupon code can be applied per order. Coupon prices are only valid when coupon code is entered during the checkout process. Reduced prices will be seen during the checkout process after a coupon code is entered. Thank you for reading all of our tiny legal text.
  2. I couldn't get the code to work?
  3. The code was fixed on Tuesday. It was a problem with the SKU being updated and nobody telling me...hence the coupon being broken! It works fine now! :nice:
  4. Thanks, I've got one heading my way!!!!!!
  5. Your welcome! Enjoy!!! :nice:
  6. Thank you, I had almost given up hope of finding one for my 95, I'll be ordering in the next few days!
  7. bump ttt
  8. damn i literally bought a chin spoiler from american muscle for 99.99 2 days ago!!!!
  9. I ordered one on the 30th. Talk about cutting it close.....now all I need is a grill delete kit.

    Any chance for 20% off Mach 1 grill deletes in the near future?
  10. Grille deletes...probably not anywhere in the near future.