20" Thruxton rims & tires

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  1. These rims were on a newer Mustang and wow is all I can say.

    This setup looks incredible on a Mustang and really stands out. By far the best looking rim I have seen on a Mustang and the pictures do no justice to how they look on a newer Mustang.

    They are Thruxton 20" with Toyo Proxes with very little miles. This tire/rim set also comes with locking lugs.

    I paid $1800.00 for the entire setup including locking lugs from a friend that paid almost $3000.00.

    $1200.00 and your Mustang will look incredible.

    Mustang Rims - a set on Flickr
  2. rims

    What are the widths of the rims same all the way around or staggered? What kind of tires are on them and how much life is still on them? do they have TPS sensors in them or no? andcan you send a pics of all four rims close up so i can see road rash and such [email protected]
  3. The front rims are 9.0" in the front and 10.0" in the rear.

    Toyo Proxes are the tires and the tires are in great shape.

    There are no TPS sensors with this setup.

    The rims are like new. There is no road rash.

    I will send some pictures.
  4. Interested...pm sent
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