20" wheels on lowered 98 GT

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  1. I've been trying to find a pic or if anyone has asked but I have a 98GT that is lowered 1.75 all around and I have stock 17's on there now but I've been looking at a 20x10 on the rear and a 20x8.5 on the front. Didnt know if I would have any problems with rubbing?
  2. the only problem that ive heard about is it looking like ****

    18's max!
  3. Somebody posted one here 2-4 years ago with 20 in bullitt wheels. They barely pulled it off, but it was on a new edge.

    It's just too much wheel and ghetto on an sn95. The newer cars can get a away with it more.
  4. +10...my thoughts exactly

  5. As long as you have four horses lines up to pull it in parades, I see no issues with 20" wheels on a New Edge/SN95. You can offset your costs for the horses by contracting a body shop to add a wagon back end to carry coffins for funerals.

    Go 20" wheels!
  6. Im sorry:(
  7. Well, that would be mean, and a racist comment.:notnice:

    Mean is one thing, racist is another, no need for that, Killa.
  8. Im sorry:(
  9. mustang-on-26-inch-wheels.jpg

    I don't think you'll find many pictures of 20" wheels on a 98 Mustang because it just doesn't look good. On top of that, the additional rotating mass will make your car a complete slug. I bet 18x10 rear and 18x9 front hypercoated Bullitt wheels would look nice and not be too flashy
  10. lol dude you just opened up a can of worms
  11. i dont think i need to say nething about this one.
  12. i did see a new edge a couple years ago back home with some 24's on it. needless to say it scared me a bit.
  13. 20s can look good. Too many tools here.
  14. Thats borderline too much...

    ... but a good looking car nonetheless.:nice:

    It's all about how you set it up. But for the MOST part, 17's or 18's FTW.
  15. IMHO you're the tool for thinking they can. Prove us all wrong and show us one 94-04 with 20's that looks good.
  16. 20s on a New Edge? HELL NO!
  17. No they can't they are way to big for the body and look horribly unproportionate
    He can't