20" wheels on lowered 98 GT

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  1. 94-98 = 17's
    99-04 = 17's or 18's
    05 + can look good with 20's, bucause there bigger cars...............
  2. Don't be so hard on yourself man.
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  6. Wheels are pretty subjective but I gotta say 20" is too much for a 1974-2004 Mustang - just no sense of proportion or visual balance. Maybe a 05+ could pull it off with 20" on the rear and something smaller up front - I'd have to see it though. '67-'73s can pull that off too if the combo and stance are just right.

    Those 19" pictured above are teetering right on the edge of decent aesthetics.

    Where'd the OP go?
  7. i agree, With the right wheel design and stance i think it can be pulled off
  8. Well I have yet to see it pulled off on an sn95. Please show me a picture of one and prove me wrong, im honestly curious at this point...
  9. i'm with him. i'm ok with the 19's... but i HIGHLY doubt an sn95 could pull off 20's anymore than a Dodge/Chrylser is capable of making a good transmission.:D

    Please prove us wrong. Gotta be somebody out there with their flamesuit handy.
  10. 258489.jpg

  11. Yea thats looks OK, but would look better with 18's.
  12. There is a blue sn95 that works at the local Walmart and it has black 20" bullitts and it looks sick. You just have to make sure you lower it enough.
  13. Prove?

    What is this, high school?

    Go find them yourself.
  14. Yeah, a bit too ghetto. 19's are really pushing it and they only look good in some applications. 18's are big enough for this model.
  15. [​IMG]


    Not too bad IMO on 20's. So many variables to what looks good in combination with each other. Depends on everything like paint color, rim color, tire choice.. etc etc..
  16. 19 and 20s are to big for are cars, 18s are the perfect size.
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