20" wheels on lowered 98 GT

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  1. burn the car down and shoot the driver:uzi:

  2. I think i found the rims i want to get on my car:D

    yea right that looks like sh**
  3. This is your one and only warning concerning racist posts such as this. One more time and you're gone for good.

    BTW, IMO 20's would look too big. Even those 19's on that red one were borderline. :notnice:
  4. Ha that would be IMPOSSIBLE, considering NONE exist:rolleyes:
  5. ^:nonono:

    I think 18s max on the early sn95s and maybe 19s max on the later sn95s.
  6. IMG_3520Large.jpg



    Driving Height:

  7. Still looks ghetto IMHO:shrug:
  8. the blue one is sweet
  9. High School? I believe you're the one who started the name calling....

  12. It's not my car. That guy is a member of another forum I'm on. Like the other guy said, the car is bagged, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't drive it around sitting on the ground like that.
  13. ^ Lol, I forgot about airbags. I haven't seen anybody used those since.. Idk... 2Fast2 Furious.
  14. That blue car looks horrible.
  15. im not a huge fan either :shrug:

  16. The rim size doesnt bother me as much as the air ride.:nonono:
  17. I don't care for it either. The guy has it set up for a show car more so than anything else i believe. Personally I'd never go with anything over 18's on a new-edge mustang.
  18. +1

    I agree. That is why I posted that is looks bad in the first place. I have owned 3 sn95 cars, and still have not bought my 4th. However, I am very, very biased to the body of the sn95, and like it over the new edge cars and s197s. Nothing about this car looks good, the paint, the wheels, the height, etc. But to each, their own:flag: