Roush 20 x 10 Wheels for 06 Saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 06S281, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have the 20x10 wheels for an 06 Saleen they want to get rid of?
  2. Don't know of any used ones, but I just bought a set off of They look great and match the stockers exactly.
  3. Really?

    I had heard the center logo hole was a different size than the Saleen "stock" wheels.

    What about the backspacing?
  4. The original saleen center caps fit just like stock, and the backspacing is perfect. I've got a 295/30/20 on there that looks great IMHO. It was rediculous for Saleen to put a wider wheel out back and still keep the 275 tire IMHO.
  5. Excellent!

    Do you have any pics?
  6. Excellent!

    Do you have any pics?
  7. Here are a couple, not very good ones though, sorry!

  8. I agree the 275 is to narrow for the rear. You can sure see why they use a 40 though. You have a noticable gap in the back as compared to the front.

  9. Sam,

    Looks good. I really like the decal delete.

    So you are running the "Saleen" 20x9's in the front and 10" replica's on the rear? Do your replica's say made in China, and did yours come with the same center caps as pictured on the site you bought them. Just trying to do some research cause I think there are a couple different replica's floating around.

    What brand and model tire are you running front and rear and what's the size in the fronts?

    Edit....are those Toyo Proxes 4's? Kinda difficult to see. What is the tire size you are running in the front?

  10. Hey Marcus, they are Toyo Proxes 4 all the way around. I went with 255/35 up front and 295/30 out back. It's hard to find a tire where you can get a front and rear that looks good. Was going to get some Falkens with a 275/35 front and 305/25 rear but I would of had to wait until March for the rears.

    Never checked the wheels for a made in China stamp, but you are correct. The original ones are up front and the replicas are in the rear. They came with some cheese-ball center cap, so I had to rob the centercap from my old wheels.

    I hear what jonsey is saying about the gap in the rear because of the tire height too, but it's really more a function of the pics. Yes, there is more gap in the back than in the front, but it was that way with the 275/35s all the way around too. It looks worse in the pictures than it does in person or with the car going down the road. The gap hasn't changed for sure with the new tires because the front and rear are about the same exact height.
  11. BTW, I plan on putting the decals back on. The windshiled one was kinda shot so I got a new one for there, and I am going to try black on the doors instead of the silver that was there before.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Saleens "authentic" wheel is made in China, too.

  13. Its too bad they don't make a 285/35/20 tire, as that is almost a perfect match to the 275/35/20 that is OE on the front. The 295/30's are almost a 1/2 inch shorter than the 275/35's, which does give you a little bigger wheel gap at the back.

    Still looks very good, and you get a wider patch of rubber to sit on vs. the 275/40's that Saleen puts on the 10" rims.
  14. Nice ride, sambandit. I like the way the 295s fill out the rear end. Did you weigh the knock-off wheels before mounting them?

    I'm also surprised to find that I like the clean look of no decals on the doors. I might have to try that. Anyone else out there with no door decals?

    Not entirely certain, but isn't having a rear wheel/tire setup that is shorter (albeit negligibly) counter to the optimal stance for improved handling performance?
  15. Thanks Sam.

    I agree there appears to be an extra inch of negative space now but some of it looks like how the car is parked like you said. The Pirelli's run narrow in width compared to other companies. Your 255 in front is just as wide as the Pirelli (275)that was on there stock.

    Looks a lot better.

    Buritto, the rear replica weighs the same amount ( 39 lbs ) as the Saleen 10 and is much better quality ( chrome appearance wise ) than the Saleen wheels. The Saleen wheels are made in the USA. At least that's what they say on the rear. Remember, you can manufacture whatever you want in China and dump what's left in the stream out back. I believe the chinese wheels are better quality because there are less limits on manufaturing them.
  16. Its also possible the "made in USA" stickers are put on from the chromer who dips the wheels.

    I dunno. The rears certainly look (at least in the pics here and on websites) to be equal in quality to whats on my car.

  17. Milti,

    The wheels are stamped. I had the Saleen 20x10 and the 20x10 replica side by side. The finish ( even on the inside ) is superior to the Saleen wheel. Don't worry, and don't be pissed off. It's always been like that since 99 when Saleen offered the first new edge 18" wheel in chrome.
    Let's see what hapeens to our wheels in another year or so. That's when the other Saleen wheels start to yellow and peel. Bummer that nothing has changed over the years. Of course my 9" rears will still look pefrect since they are sitting wrapped up in my garage.:rolleyes:
  18. I agree that the quality of the replicas is MUCH better than the Saleen wheels. I almost thought of buying some Saleen replicas for the front, that's how much better they are!

    The front and rear tires are both 1/2 inch shorted than the originals, so the stance and fenderwell gap is virtually unchanged from the 275s.
  19. First pic is the 275s all the way around, second pic is the new setup. You can see the fender gap and stance are basically unchanged

  20. That is good to hear. I'm not real impressed with the finish on my "Saleen" wheels, and the insides are nothing to write home about. Passable, but they have "slough" on them either from the chroming process, or the manufacturing process.