Roush 20 x 10 Wheels for 06 Saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 06S281, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Thanks Sam.

    I can see just a little difference in the front/rear wheels gaps, nothing major, though.

    Still wish someone made a 285/295 35 series tire for a 20 inch rim.

  2. Sam,

    Thanks for the pics and info. I agree, the finish is so much better on the replica's and they are so cheap (just a bit more than the 295's ) I have thought about doing the same thing. I can live with the minimal gap. I checked the specs and overall difference in total diameter is less than an inch. Looks like maybe an excuse to get those spec 3 KW coilovers I've had my eyes on. Anyway thanks again and glad to see Colorado in the house. My parents live in CO.
  3. Have you noticed a significant difference in weight between the Saleen wheels and the OE Direct wheels?

    Also, I have been provided with conflicting information. Saleen states the '05 wheels are forged and several other companies have indicated to me that the '05's are actually cast. Anyone which one is true?

    Additionally, I called Saleen and they stated their wheels are around 45 lbs. and the OE Diect wheels are around 35 lbs.....