20 Years of the Saleen Ford Mustang

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  1. How would one go about attempting to capture the essence of all that a breed of Ford Mustang has to offer? Well, start with tons of photographs, accurate history, and direct personal anecdotes from the creator. Brad Bowling?s publication The Saleen Book: 20 years of Saleen Mustangs does very well to tell the story of Steve Saleen?s dream and describes each and every Saleen Ford Mustang down to the dirt in the tire treads. With a foreword from Steve Saleen himself, the book takes on an educational role, as well as entertainment any Ford Mustang fan is sure to appreciate. Step in and get a taste of what this book has to offer. View attachment 348475 </img> View attachment 348478 </img> View attachment 348480 </img> View attachment 348483 </img> View attachment 348485 </img> View attachment 348487 </img>