$200 plus for battery cable

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  1. car won't start today so i look at my battery cable and the positive is corroded something fierce. so i go to the local ford dealership and the parts guy tells me he can't get just the positive cable. it comes as a harness and it costs $229. damn ford pi$$es me off. i got it running but damn does it look bad. as soon as it warms up i'll have to tidy it up.
  2. Ford part# F4ZZ14300AB - $277.82 list Postive cable from battery to relay plus 1.3 hrs labor.

    it's $200.00 from 50resto
  3. Yea, I talked to my buddy that's the parts manager over a local dealership and he couldn't believe it either. It's not just your dealership, it's just Ford. You can't just buy a positive cable anymore either. Even I don't sell them at Pep Boy's. I only have negative cables.

    I might try 50resto though.

  4. :jaw: :jaw:

    Thats just freakin CRAZY!!!

    I replaced both connections on my 90 LX a few years back, and I think it was something like 40 bucks.. for BOTH of them!!.
  5. Mine is $8.95 :banana:
  6. I had to have that harness replaced on my 94 GT (and within a few months, so did six of my friends who also owned 94 GT's), thankfully under warranty. I still remember when I saw the write-up, and they listed the price for that. Ridiculous, for a few wires...
  7. Go to an AUTOZONE, they sell them "pre-packed" in various sizes.(~6-10$)

    I skipped all this BS and just bought the TRUNK relocator kit. Put my battery in the trunk, and thats it.
  8. Yea, I ran into the same thing last year. Good news was that I just replaced the terminal instead. But I did look at the harness and if I needed to replace the cable, I would disassemble the harness and switch out the cable and reassemble it... A little more work than just replacing a cable, but worth the savings!