SOLD ~2000 16" V6 Wheels And Tires For Sale

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  1. What I have for sale here is a set of four 16 inch aluminum 5 lug Mustang wheels with tires. I think these wheels would have originally been on late 90s or early 2000s V6 Mustangs, but they will fit any 94-2004 Mustang V6 or GT, excluding Cobras. They will also work well on any 79-93 Fox Mustang that has been converted to 5 lug. This lug pattern will also work on Ford Fusions and possibly other Fords, I'm not sure. These are a very nice looking and lightweight set of factory wheels, in fact I had originally planned to put drag radials on them and use them as track wheels for my car, just never got around to it. All 4 wheels are mint, and have no curb rash or bends (the wheels are a bit dirty in the pics). All 4 wheels have tires on them, two are Fusions (the tire brand), one is Goodyear, and one is a Riken. The Fusions have maybe 30-40% tread left and the other two are 80-90%.

    I really don't want to separate them, so asking price is $100 for one, $150 for two, or $200 for all four, firm. I'm willing to ship; buyer is responsible for all shipping fees.
    PM me or reply to this thread.





  2. Where are you located ?
  3. Opps, sorry, these wheels are long gone. I forgot to update this thread.

    Wheels are SOLD.
  4. :doh: TeH FiAlZ
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