Roush 2000-2004 S-281SC 1/4 mile time slips

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SGOODRIC50, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. What did you run for times? :flag:
  2. wow, thats impressive! Do you have any pictures of the car?
  3. My NA Saleen runs consistent 13.1's with 260rwhp on stocks heads, cam, manifolds and the 18in wheels. :D

  4. That is a fantastic 1/4 time. What kind of 60ft? The best I could get out of my 02 N/A was a 12.98. I had no interior in it. :D Congrats. I miss my silver car.
  5. So I am assuming that the forced air cars should be in the high 12's easily?
  6. No not easily lol, headers, xpipe, pulley, gears, re-tune/flash, tires for traction or traction devices. but 12's yes. Dont forget altitude too. I cant hit 12's even with the above, cause I am at 4000 ft :(

  7. Right,

    The altitude will kill you. I wouldn't mind your clean air though. :D My 02 N/A had 4.10's, a secret tune ( no powerflash ), like I said no interior, spec 3, bassani x no cats.
  8. also depends on the driver Marcus :p So are you a daddy yet or what???

  9. Of course. I would be lying if I said I was a gentle with my 02 S281. Three clutches in one year not including the stock clutch. I sold it three months before the release of the Autorotor. I probably would have kept it if I had waited. It was tooooo slow without induction.
    Everytime I see Dennis' car I want another silver one.

    No little one yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks. :D

    I hear you are wheeling and dealing in gold. Any Sterns on the horizon? Better yet how about some Logic wheels? You know what I'm talking about.

    Ooo. oooo. What are those nice shiney wheels lined up nicely on that rack in the thumb below?? What could they be?
  10. Marcus
    Just saying hi from a high school friend. By the way 12.98 is not bad for a N/A
  11. Whats happening Casey. You do know that you and Bill V are why I have the mustang disease. Your white LX and his 88 Saleen. Damn, seems like a million years ago.
  12. S281 S/C 1/4 mile times


    Sorry we hijacked your thread. I think it was 03-s281's fault. :D Then I didn't help either.
    Ok, since I have never owned a mod motor S281 S/C let's see everyone's times. :nice:
  13. Your right, I feel like a senior citizen. When are we going to put together a stroker for the 89? Sorry about the hijacking!
  14. Soon, soon. I need to get the 89 back on the road. All I need is a monte carlo steering wheel for it and the ford horn button. Hint hint anyone. And of course my new motor. I have been leaning towards a 331 and top it off with a NOS Saleen/Vortech intake I have for it. Decisions, decisions. Keep me in mind. Case, do you have an email mailer that you send out? If so ad me to it.

    Robert. Look what I found..... but they are 18's. Damn :notnice:
  15. Marcus

    Call or email me about those parts you stated. I can get you on the road soon and at a good $. We just finished doing a mini resto on our 89'Saleen. I need to put a webpage together of the pics of before,during and after. It is pretty nice. MAy be selling it soon- 5 cars no room.
  16. .....if those 18" Saleen Alloy's fit on the foxbody, why not the 18" sterns????? It may need a little work, but I bet it can be done. :nice:

  17. Yea, they may work, but I don't know if the offsets are ok. an besides, they look too big. You can't really drive it hard with the 18's on it. Oh well. I'll keep looking.
  18. Gotta know where you found them in 18's and are they real?

  19. Yes, they are very real. They are not mine. I was asking about 17" Sterns and the guy said he had them. Honestly, I'm not interested in them. The pics are on my comp. at work. I think they are all 18x8 with a 42mm offset? I can't remember but I think they are directly from Japan for the last of the Supra's.