Roush 2000-2004 S-281SC 1/4 mile time slips

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SGOODRIC50, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. ...if your not honestly interested in them (17" stern wheels), then why am I on a wild goose egg hunt????? :shrug:

    ....enough with the wheel hunt and rim size opinion. Let's turn the conversation back to its original purpose. If we want to talk Stern and Magnesium wheels, let's start a different thread......I wish I could answer your question, but I am in the same boat as Marcus. I've never owned a 99 or newer mod motor Saleen. It's the good old push rod or not for me :D If I want a 99-04 Saleen, I better find another 351 to buy :) (evil grin) But the low 13's sound about right to me :nice:
  2. No goose chases. I'm not interested in the 18" pictured above. I am dead serious about the 17" ones.
  3. Soooo....Does that mean that your wheels help you 1/4 mile time? hehe.
  4. 13.1s on a stock N/A saleen...fastest Ive ever heard of....Those 4:10s help out a lot Im still stuck with my damn 3:27s....Hopefully with my gears and parts that i have i will be around 12.3s....that will be in like 2 weeks and ill let yall know...
  5. im hopin 12.8-13.0 with My mods. but After the headers, i think i have an exhaust leek.
  6. Thanks, thats with a boatload of crappy 1.9 60ft times.
    I now have Mac LT's and have removed alittle weight so it should go 12.9's :D We are going to our local 1/8th mile track here in a few days and I'm hoping for some 8.3'[email protected]
  7. So honestly, with my bone stock 02 SC saleen should I see low 13's high 12's? Or mid to high 13's?
  8. Well stock I think this is more accurate.... I found this on the following site, but they dont provide any test info or altitude etc. 2000 Ford Saleen S281 Supercharged 1/4 mile et = 13.8 But add a few mods, gears, pulley, tune, exhaust, you'd be there.
  9. ouch...thats not as fast as I had anticipated. Maybe I should have purchased a Cobra :(
  10. I know sombody who ran 12.9 in their stock S281-SC Vert.

    Practice (driver skill) and track prep make for a huge factor in the ET.
  11. This is true and thanks for the help. I probably won't race the car but I would like to know that I can keep up with some of my buddies :spot:

    How can I get involved with the saleen clu of america?
  12. And the fact that he weighs about 100 pounds less than some of us :D

    I still think his car was abnormal :shrug:

    My best in the 99 with the Chicane pulley, 255 fuel pump, 3.55's and a superchip is 13.19 at 106. Not bad for an almost 4000 pound flexible flyer with my fat ass in it. 2.02 60' on that run, so DR's would put the car in the 12's.
  13. Agreed... also altitude. I have also heard not all saleens 281 sc's are the same. Recently I had my intake manifold ported and I could not believe how poorly it was made. There is a rumor that several manifolds were messed up at the manufacturer and that is why some of the advertised hp numbers were higher than the actual hp guys were seeing.

    13.8 is crazy. The last time I looked this up I saw [email protected] for a stock 1/4 time but I have read of 12.8's and 12.9's in stock form. My 01 281SC is no longer stock but I fully expect a low 12 sec car with less than 400rwhp.
  14. I just got a [email protected] with only 3:73 gears and a 75mm TB 12s can happen easily....
  15. I went to the track yesterday and ran [email protected] Maybe a 12.5 was there if i could have gotten my 60ft down.

  16. Stock?

  17. Good news for Me!

  18. hehe! :nice:
  19. i have bassani o/r x, mac cai and i was using drag radials on pro stars but only pulled a 1.9 60'. i also had a full tank of gas and left the spare and the jack in the trunk.
  20. AWESOME glad to hear it!! Not to many of your friends are gonna keep up with you unless they are running serious mods or some hefty competitors like the Corvette or supercharged V8 cars! :nice: