Roush 2000-2004 S-281SC 1/4 mile time slips

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SGOODRIC50, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Wow! Congrats! Thats an awesome time! Very impressive! Good work :)
  2. What did you have on the car for tires?
  3. Holy Fug!! that is AWESOME.. I havent been to the track yet but Ill have same mods as you before I go so Im hoping for the same result if possible
  4. OMG thats fast for the car. Nice job man.
  5. For tires I had some ET Streets i bought used for $50 w/ rims I think they are 26x9.5x15...not 100% sure though...they are great....especially for that price...If I got the SF connectors and an aftermarket K member do yall think tha will be enough to get in the 11s?
  6. How many runs did you do? What RPM did you launch at?
  7. Give a 75mm tb a shot as well.

  8. Man 03s281, how in the world are you getting such awesome times for a N/A? I have a 02 N/a s281 and would love to see times like yours at the track. I had mine dynoed the other saturday and got 237 rwHP and rw278 TQ, I was hoping for a little more, mine is totally stock for now. What bolt on's do you have to get up to 260 rwhp?
  9. Dont feel bad when mine was bone stock it dynoed at 232rwhp :nonono:
    And it ran 14.1'[email protected] It has come along way since then, My dyno and best ET are in my sig. :D It has Mac LT's, o/r-h, 4.10 gears, trickflow plenum, accufab 70mm tb, Steeda cai, Diablosport chip, and a set of MT ET slicks. My weight reduction is rear seat delete, pass seat delete, mach 460 speaker box removed, sway bar removed, dogbone, and front bumper core removed. Add some mods, remove some weight, get some dr's and drive it like you hate it and you'll see 12's.

  10. 03-s281, Nice going.

    I told you guys there is a lot in giving your car a diet and getting it to hook. Great numbers!
  11. wow you are my idol ^^

  12. Awesome. I really hope I can get their soon. :hail2: For now, I was thinking about a densecharger, Accufab plenum and TB. Think that will do anything for me (hoping about 20 rwhp)?
  13. Spederman. Go with an X-pipe, catback, K$N or Densencharger intake, Accufab Plenum and 75mmtb and get a tune from SCT or RWTD.

  14. I ran 3 times...the last one versus an 05 saleen...was not impressed at all...
    But I launched different every time...on my fastest run i launched at maybe 2500...the other two I launched at 5500 and 4000 It did not feel as fast on the take off launching that high si I would say just stay low in rpms on the launch....
  15. what did the 05 put up for numbers? Was it supercharged?
  16. The best he ran was a 13.8 @ wasnt SC....
  17. anyone else run theirs lately?
  18. I went last friday and couldnt beat my old record, i only got a couple hundreths lower, [email protected] The first time i ran 12. 6?? was a couple weeks ago with a full tank of gas and the spare tire. Friday i had below a quarter tank and no spare tire and only ran the 12.605 with a better 60ft than the first time i ran the 12.6??
  19. Damn good times. What is your COMPLETE LIST of mods. Please dont lie lol.