Roush 2000-2004 S-281SC 1/4 mile time slips

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SGOODRIC50, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. my list of mods for the 12.6 are bassani o/r x pipe, mac cai, weld prostars w/ bfg drag radials, and the stock supercharger, 30lb injectors and magnaflow catback.
  2. 03/04 Supercharged guys....What RPM do you guys leave the Line at? What RPM would you recomend i leave at with my Nitto Drag Radials?

  3. The nitto drag radials are an amazing tire. I had a 550RWHP mustang with the nitto drag radials and I would heat them up really good and do a 4500rpm launch. I have heard that with the modular motor you have to kind of feather the clutch and start at lower rpms to compensate for the lack of torque, however I do not have first hand knowledge of this senario.
  4. he is right, i launch at 3500-4000 on bfg drag radials and if i just let out the clutch fast, my tires hook and the car bogs of the line. I launch at 3500-4000 and slip the clutch but try to do it quick enough so my 60 dosent suck and i dont bog.
  5. Wow well i am a convertible so im only gonna reallt get 1 shot to make a great run.
  6. As soon as i put the s4blower on the 00gt i ran 12.6 at 109 on dr's thats with stock exhaust except high flow xpipe with cats. Added my own sct tune and mass air pump and injectors also pulley and ran 11.9 at 114.8 and i keep it at 11.5 af ratio as well [email protected] with any questions contact me
  7. It has rained for 19 out of the 26 days this month in Maine....I can't get to the track! I will keep you all posted once I get there. :)
  8. I would go tmmrw but my A/f is stuck at 14.0 at the moment :(