2000 Cobra-R Clone w constant check engine light

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  1. Hey all! Glad to find the site, as I am in a bit of a predicament. I have a 2000 Cobra R Clone 4.6 DOHC, performance pully system and tons of mods under the hood. I have included a few pics to show what she looks like.

    Well, I have had a problem with it since I bought it in Spet 09. She is my Elenore if you know what I mean. :lol: I got it and she needed brakes & tires, so I put them on right away. She nickle & dimed me for about two months before I put her up in Dec 09. (We only had 1 snow in OH between Sept & Dec and it was relatively nice, so I kept her out for a while.) I kept her at a friends house in a heated garage. Started it once a week, and moved around a few times (length of driveway). Went to pick her up on 3/6 and she wouldn't start. :( Luckily I have a friend that owns a shop here in town and he looked into it for me.

    The Service Engine Soon light was on about three weeks after I got it, and it alwaya went away after driving it for about 10 minutes. When I went to get it out and it wouldn't start it turned out to be the fuel pump, ok no big deal, got it fixed along with all new filters & fluids. I have it back for 1 week and the light comes back on! I am beyond frustrated as the same light just came on in my 2007 Focus too!

    Any ideas where I should start to look before taking it back to the shop??




    Thanks, Julia
  2. Welcome to :SNSign:, Julia !! Great looking car,btw. :nice:

    The first place to start is to download the trouble codes. Most auto parts stores will download the codes for free. If you have a friend that has an SCT tuner, they can download the codes also. Then it should be just a matter of looking up the code and see what it refers to. That should help narrow down your problem.
  3. **Update**

    It turns out it was a plethora of problems! I had to replace 2 O2 sensors, the fuel pump & the battery.

    I should would like to have a few words with the butthead who did the mods on this car. I may be a chick, but I know my way around a car. This "dude" had wires shoved here and there, jerry-rigged the coolant sensor after installing a SS pipe, and while I can appreciate the $$ that went into doing all of this, he would have been better off paying someone to do the mods than doing it himself.

    There was no seal on the gear box and I had less than 1 cup of gear lube when I took the rear end apart. (My father in-law, husband & I) Cleaned it all up, lubed it back up and it spins like a friggin top now! Replaced every filter and liquid in the car, and man can it fly.

    Sadly, I am going to have to sell her soon. Too difficult to keep 2 hot rods up and running.