2000 Cobra R Rear Bumber

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by The Holy Cobra, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. This may sound like a dumb question because I am a newb to this forum...and smite me if it is but does anyone know where I can buy a rear bumper to a 2000 Cobra R? Any help would be great...
  2. rear bumper ?
    I think they used a V6 one
  3. It said "Mustang" on the back...so any GT or V6 Mustang rear bumper would do.
  4. The y2k Cobra R uses the V6 rear without the cutouts for the exhaust. If you want the cutouts just get a GT or a 99 cobra rear.
  5. Buy a V-6 bumper and you have a 00 Cobra R bumper!! now just get some side exhaust!! :flag:
  6. Thanks boys....

    I just bought a 2001 Cobra and im looking to go the Cobra R clone route...only thing is that the car is white right now. I know the Cobra R's only came in Red, but being white wouldnt look half bad.

    One more thing...I know where to get the front splitter, hood, wing, and bumber, and side exit exhaust (from BORLA), but I dont know where to find the exhaust tips I need to make it look like the Cobra R's tips. Here is the website of the exhaust system itself, and you can definetley tell a difference between the Cobra R's tips and this Borla System's tips.



    So, if anyone could help on the exhaust tip matter now, everything would be complete! :D

  7. Your second link rsportscar has the right exhaust set-up to look like a convincing R clone.

    However, if you plan on lowering your car so it looks less like a 4X4 & more like a R car, then you might want to think about clearance issues. The R splitter & exhaust looks awesome but is a PITA if you want to daily drive your car. Getting in & out of parking lots will become an issue as well as speed bumps & those damn concrete blocks in parking stalls will probably cost you a few hundred dollars in new paint for the front splitter at some point.