2000 Cobra R Wheels

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  1. Hi, I dont own a mustang, but when i bought my nissan 300zx a few years ago it came with these wheels. I figured selling them here, I might find someone that really wanted them. They are authentic cobra R wheels from a 2000(ford stamp and part # on the back). The are 18x9.5 offsett of 20 all around. They have all have some minor curb rash. They are currently spray painted black and on my 300zx. The bolt pattern is 5x114.3 , 5x4.5. I think these wheels have to be pretty rare. Best way to contact me is call/text or email. 6174078128. [email protected]. The picture below is the only current picture I have since the can is at the body shop until monday or tuesday.


  2. No tires, im using them for another set of wheels. Should have the car saturday from the body shop if you want to see better pictures.
  3. What are basking for them?
  4. not really sure, best offer i get
  5. Do you still have them?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.