2000 Convertible Mach460 Amp Location

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by AmBo, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Can anyone cue me in on where it is located? On mustangworld.com they say in the coupe it is located under the rear dash. Well, verts dont have a rear dash :bang: So anybody know where the amp is located for me to split the signal to my amp? BTW, I have a mach 460 system if this helps..THX A LOT!
  2. holy cow, I need to remove my seats to get to the 460 amp?! :-X Has anyone done this yet? Is it possible to get to my amps via removing the carpeting in my trunk? :shrug:
  3. I put in a line converter in my convertible. It's really easy. the bottom of the seat just pops out by pushing buttons under the seat (they are not visible, but there is a little spot on the bottom of the seat on each side that looks different.... put your finger in there and push. it releases the seat) the wiring harness I tapped off of was under the seat, & I left the converter under the seat also, just shoved the RCA cables through the bottom of the back, and you will see them pop out in the back of the trunk. Remove the carpet cover that covers the top storage area and the back of the back seat. It's held in by a few push in fasteners along the top. It just pops in and out, and with it out, you get access to the factory amos, and also to any wires you shove under the back of the back seat. It seriousely only takes 10 minutes. The wire you want to tap off of under the seat are (2) black wires with white stripes and (2) black wires with green stripes w/ the white striped ones being negative… the directions at http://www.mustangworld.com/ourpics/fcar/despeeds1.htm give the wiring info, just not quite the same layout as convertibles.
  4. K I got the back seat out, now which line do I tap? I see 2 converters on each side.