$2000 for performance - what would you do?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by StangyStealth, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Hey guys.. i have a question... I have a 98 5spd w/ intake/duals/pulleys. I know have about $2000 to throw at it for performance/power... What would yout do with the money?

    I figure ~$600 for gears/tlok/install, and i can get the h/c/i combo w/ all gaskets and bolts rom rpm mustangs for $1525 or another $200 extra for the cut/weld upper. That is a bit above $2000 but in the general vicinity..

    What are your thoughts? gears/engine/nitrous/shifter/ds/??
  2. Use it as a down payment for a GT. Then again I am not one to talk.
  3. gears and tlok + heads and cam. Get the intakes later when you get more cash. That's what I would do or something close to that.
  4. Get a 450 dollar nx system...buy the 300 dollars in upgrades you need to run it safely...then spend 1000 dollars on vinyls that say nx...lol, ok im just kidding about that last part..use the last 1000 to throw a set of 17's on there with tires...you can get a really good set with tires for like 500-600 off ebay...
  5. In light of Hondaboy, save it for a down payment on an Carrera.
  6. Trade your car in plus the 2k and get a 99+.
    Then you have a newer car that will due stock what you’ll be doing if you keep what you got and mod it. Also there is more potential for a 99+ V-6. :nice:

    2k = 20 more hp and same car.
    2k = 30 more hp and newer car.
  7. So, a p/p heads/intakes and cam combo w/ bolt ons will only yeild 20 hp?
  8. Also, if i ugrade cars, it will not be for another v6... the 99+'s havent impressed me much.. i have a buddy w/ a 02 5spd w/ intake and mufflerless ingl exhaust that only beats me by an average of .15 at the track.. every run.
  9. Put it down for a brand new or used GT and sell your car at the same time. Why do you want to spend $2,000 when you can sell your car and also use the $2,000 towards a new or used GT with 260 HP?
  10. woohoo insurance!!
  11. I think more like 20 to 30 for just the cam, with heads your looking at about 50 to 60. then with gears, you'll be going faster than a stock GT of the same year and a newer V6 with a sleepy look....

    .......and better insurance.
  12. why buy a GT when there are Vipers out there?!
  13. The insurance for a Viper was going to be $118 more a MONTH than my 03 Cobra. Plus the Vipers build quality is poor and there plagued with problems.
  14. I'm just emphasizing the point that why should anyone buy a GT when there is fast and better out there? Why should anyone buy a Cobra when there is faster and better out there? Every once in awhile GT people come in hating on the V6 people, so I make a point or two ;)
  15. Because it will require at least an extra $4K just to get that GT faster than every one else with a GT!

    I'd take the $2K and invest in some drugs. Resell the drugs for a slight markup, and repeat until you have about $5K. Then you can do some serious engine mods. J/K. Don't sell drugs, sell your body on a street corner somewhere instead.
  16. *cough* supercharger
  17. I'd have to agree with the heads/cam/intakes.
  18. Where can you get boost for a v6 for $2000?