2000 Gt - 260hp Vs 2012 V6- 305

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  1. So if a 2000 gt was to go up against a newer v6 it would get destroyed unless heavily modified. wtf is with that... all newer cars even Hyundai's have more hp then my v8 GT hah kind of sad no?
  2. who cares
  3. Meh. Every owner of an older V8 musclecar will say something like this. I'm not sure how Terminator owners take to the idea that their supercharged 4.6L DOHC "legends" are now being trumped in power output by normally aspirated 4V with just 400ccs more displacement. And not just by a little; the Coyote in the Boss 302 makes 440HP, 50 more than the vaunted Terminator. I wonder how the owner of a 1970 Hemi Cuda feels being spanked to 60 and equaled in the 1/4-mile by a lowly 260HP, 281-cubic inch Mustang...

    It's 2013, technology marches on and things get better. There's more to life than "stop-light drags" and comparing dick-leng-- er, peak dyno numbers. Torque, feel, sound, character of power delivery and even nostalgia are just as important to many people.

    And, FWIW, I bet it's easier to get a 2V 4.6 into the 11s or 10s than that V6...
  4. There is no doubt, manufactures are on a power trip. The hp and torque figures have been increasing steadily since the 80s, and it seems to me, the increase has been even more dramatic over the last 5 years. The cobra/GT500 has gone from 240hp in 95 to 300+ in 99, 390hp in 03... and now 662 factory warranties horsepower in 2013. That is NUTS.

    That lowly 95 cobra was bested by the GT just four years later when the 99+ PI engines arrived in the mustang.

    As for your V6 mustang comparison... I don't think it would be such a walk for the v6. Sure, it has more power, but it also weighs more and produces less torque. The car mags are showing quarter mile times of around 14.0 for the 2013 v6, which is nearly identical if not a couple tenths slower than the 99-04 GT. Should be a drivers race. :)
  5. I Understand what your saying its just sad that my v8 gt muscle car has less horsepower and torque then any modern car.. and I would need to modify the car heavily just to reach those numbers..
  6. I looked at it this way.......I don't have a car payment.....my 03gt vert has 70k on it now. It looks great runs great. I chose spending $5k to get beyond those numbers rather than trade in on a coyote vert. I love my car love the look of the new edge vehicles......and don't really care for the several options the newer cars have over mine. It's about preference. Yea the new v6 cars make good power but they're also more money than a gt was then. 26,300 v6 to the 23,700 of the gt back in 2003.
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  7. Meh the same thing was said when the new V6 Camaros came out with their 307hp? Most of them I have seen at the track ran around 14.6-14.8's so I didnt feel too bad, cause I reasoned with some good tires *and a driver mod* I could get my car into the high 13's compared to them.
  8. Exactly everyone pumps up the numbers.....the coyotes put down 360-370hp to the wheels stock. The better part Of the horsepower numbers is that people don't realize you take a 450hp car versus a 300hp car and depending on skills can be close on the road or track. I let a buddy drive my car and he said for some reason he would expect 450hp to snap your neck......people have unrealistic perceptions of fast I think

  9. Who cares... can't predict the future.... all u can do is build ur car where it rapes all the new years and laugh in their faces when u do it

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