2000 Gt Convertible Front Strut Replace

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  1. Hello Stangnetters,
    I've lurked here for a very long time but it has been decades since I used a wrench on anything long of a simple home repair. Retired, I decided to again work on my vehicles, one of which is a 2000 GT Convertible (104K miles). I have been through YouTube videos, how to posts, and personal contacts on the procedure and have been getting conflicting info. For example, in one video some guy pulls the entire strut mount to drop the strut. A different fellow simply removes the nut atop the strut. A friend and stang fan tells me I need a spring compressor, but the struts on my GT are not coil-over and none of the procedures I've found call for one. A search of Stangnet reveals no basic procedure for this vehicle.:bang:
    To my point ... and it is probably there but I am missing it. Can anyone point me to a proper procedure for replacing front struts on my 2000 GT? The procedure should be a simple one, or so me thinks. :)
  2. Yes you need a spring compressor to do it safely and the top nut dont come off until the bottom bolts are disconnected which happens after you unload the spring with a compressor. People will tell you put a floor jack under the a-arm and just lower it, that is dangerous. Check out the Haynes manual it has real good info.
  3. driving down the street is dangerous too...and NO you don't need a spring compressor unless you are changing the springs, the spring DON'T come out when you change the struts.

    it is a pretty simple job (this is a very basic overview, from memory so forgive me if I miss a step or two).

    Support the car, remove the wheel, remove the caliper, etc. Support the lower control arm with a floor jack, but leave some weight on the a-arm. With an impact gun loosen and remove the upper nut on the strut (it is next to impossible to remove it with a standard socket wrench). SLOWLY lower the floor jack to take the load off the spring. Then remove the 2 bolts holding the strut to the spindle. The strut should fall out on your toe at that point ;).
  4. Appreciate the feedback guys. Will follow up to let you know how it went. This afternoon is rear shocks, which I have experience at. Still waiting on one more front strut to arive. Hopefully will arrive today, but who knows with FedX out where I live.
    Thanks again!