2000 GT Motor Build

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  1. tank_567, like I said, I already have my fuel system setup. I see no reason in changing it now that it is working just fine. I am going to get an air/air IC system. Just waiting for a payment for some consulting work im doing. If my A1000 does go out I will prob end up going with that fuel lab pump. My tank is sumped and I already have all the steel lines etc.

    LarsD, Thanks man. I got the motor built at Kotzur Racing Heads in SA. Tuned at Fuel Injection Specialties.
  2. tank_567 Just watched that vid of your 11.38 pull. Good run! Saw some of your other vids and was wondering what type of strut tower brace you are using? After installing my Junior Victor and a 6061 plenum by BBK brace does not fit, it hits my IAC.
  3. Thanks tank_567

    I had been looking around for a different one for a while. Im gunna put my BBK up for sale get one of these bad boys. Looks like it bolts right up to the CC plates? I have the MMs.
  4. What plenum is that exactly? Whats ur other engine mods?
  5. Nevermind on the mods question, I remember reading this build...
  6. I have an older version of the brace, it mounts just like the bbk one does.
  7. Ditch the A1000. Mine vapor locked and I went lean, hurting my motor. Everybody here has problems with them, mustangs, vettes, challengers, etc. They are junk imo.
  8. Sad story guys. The v1 crashed on me and now I'm in the market for a v7 ysi. It never ends!
  9. Whoa, calm down on the jump from the S trim to a YSI. You are jumping from close to the bottom to up top. The hp needed to drive those things is a lot. It can be more headache than you asked for. I went back down from my YSI to a T-trim(novi 1500) and it is a great blower. A good blower would be a t-trim or even at the max, at JT trim for you. Take a look at the efficiency charts of each blower, calculate your impeller speed based on your crank pulley, blower pulley, etc, and then see what works for you best on your build, not what your motor is capable of handling. Make sure you have the proper rotating assembly for a YSI and are setup to do what you want out of it.

    A bigger centri blower like a YSI, F1c-R, will be outperformed at a lower impeller speed of a T-trim, Novi 1500, or D1 if you don't have the right cubes, fuel, cam, heads, and proper fuel. I like a smaller blower driven hard unless you are max efforting the build.
  10. Well I dont think I want a T-trim. I have been researching blowers quite a bit over the last week. I do not want the straight cut gears of the T-trim, noisy a** things. You are right about the Ysi's efficiency range. It is higher futher up in the power band. I would really like the efficiency range of the T trim with a spiral cut gear. I have all the components to hit 1000hp; the MMR 1200 stroker rotating assembly, A1000 system, 8 rib pulleys, blower cams, P&P 2v heads, etc.

    My setup with the S trim was a 2.75" pulley and was hoping to make ~15psi. I would most likely take it up a size or two with a new blower. I was limited to the impeller speed of the Strim and was mostly just looking at the blower that would give me the most room for rpm. I am not going to be running it at the strip a whole lot so I GUESS I dont have to get the big blower.... but I want too haha

    I guess the novi 1500 would give me the T trim performance with a helical cut gear. I am just scared of mounting issues due to a different mounting bracket and the 8 rib setup i have right now. It was a bi*** to get that thing lined up perfectly.
  11. UPDATE!

    Got a lightly used V2 SI in the mail yesterday. Got her bolted up to the car and she is running again! Still going with the 2.78" pulley. Hoping it will make 17psi or so when I get her tuned out again. I think I am going to get a FMIC first, I have ton of other things to do as well though.

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  12. Shes looking really good! Cant wait to see some numbers
  13. tank_567

    Thanks buddy! I will post as soon as I get on the rollers. Prob going to be a couple weeks at least while I make a move back down to San Antonio. Engine still only has 600 miles so I think I will put a few more miles on her. I still have a weird whine in the diff when decelerating that I need to check out. All I can think to do is just go with axles if I have to rebuild it again.
  14. Still waiting to iron out some last few kinks before taking her back to the dyno. My idler pulley behind the SC has a bad bearing, fixing it next week. Hopefully get on the rollers sometime in Jan. Been a CRAZY end of the year. I have been doing other work though. Had an issue with oil leaking from my valve cover vents so I went with a Moroso Oil/Air separator, as well as changing up some other parts of the vacuum setup. Making more boost than ever before! Can hit 15psi without taking going all the way to red line, with meth. Here's a pic of the installed Oil/Air separator.

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  15. Got some stuff in the mail last week. Last few things on my list before the final tune. I got a 3" universal piping kit. I'm going to have a friend of mine tig weld it. Bought new t-bolt clamps for everything else.