2000 GT won't start.

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  1. Hello. I am a new member. It's good to find other mustang enthusiasts. I've got a 2000 GT with ATI Procharger. It has run good until yesterday (3/24/06). Coming home from work, it stalled a couple of times while slowing down. It restarted fine. When I parked it in the driveway, I shut it off and tried to restart it. It wouldn't start. I turned the key to the "run" position and could hear the fuel pump come on. The engine would turn over but would not start. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanx!
  2. First thing you could try is resetting the PCM by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes.

    How many miles are on the car? Do you do the rountine maint?
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  4. Kilgore Trout, Thanx for your reply. I pulled the battery cable off for about 3 minutes, but no results. It has 26,000 miles and I do my own maintenance. Just got the car in January. Is it possible to disconnect one of the coils and turn the ignition on in order to see if I'm getting any current to the coil with a test light (as you probably know, this engine has coil-on-plug set up)?
  5. Well it sounds like you have a nice low mileage f/i GT!

    I was thinking clogged fuel filter perhaps...

    You can test the coils by backprobing them with them still connected, the Haynes manual shows exactly how to do this.

    I think it is definitely fuel or spark related.

    When you disconnected the battery did you see the guages "sweep" when you tried to start it afterwards. If you did not get guage sweep the PCM was not reset. Pressing the brakes a few times will fully discharge the current and ensure PCM reset.
  6. I forgot to mention I disconnected the gray plastic plug-in on (what I think is) the wire for the temp. sensor for the temp. gauge on the dash. That's when the problem started. I just now tried to start it and it started right up. HOWEVER, I turned it off and it would not restart again. Per your suggestion, I've disconnected the battery and will keep it disconnected for 30 minutes. I'll press the brake a few times to fully discharge the current and reset the PCM and see if that works. By the way, I purchased the car in Lafayette, IN - not far from where you are. I drove 7 hours to look at it, purchased it, and drove 7 hours back home (my son went with me to get it home).
  7. Why did you disconnect the wire? Is it connected back up now?
  8. The reason i disconnected the wire, i was trying to locate the temp sensor for the dash mounted temp gauge. I would like to install a after market mechanical gauge. I did hook it back up.
  9. I'm heading out for a late breakfast. When I return, I'll see if the car starts. Thanx for your help. I hope to talk to you again and let you know if your ideas worked.

  10. The problem seems to be solved. Apparently, the grey plug-in I disconnected (which the local Ford dealer said is the correct one for the temp gauge on the dash) must trigger the computer into a no-start condition. I guess I'm out of luck for installing a mechanical water temp gauge, unless somebody on this forum has encountered this problem and has a solution. I might start a new thread on this. Thanx for your help!