2000 Headlights?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by DevilDogTaco, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. So i bought aftermarket Tinted headlights, and bought new Xenon bulbs. Why are my lights so dim? I havent adjusted them yet, but i would think they would be so much brighter. Does anyone else think the New Edge' headlights are very dim?
  2. Tinted headlights and dim bulbs. Hmmmmm
  3. :lol: I think you answered your own question right there.
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  4. No, I had clear stock headlights, and other bulbs also, had the same problem. XENON are supposed to be way more brighter. I'm just wondering if its a power issue or if im the only one who thinks that the mustang just has bad headlights all together.
  5. Are they some cheap ebay bulbs or Sylvania or PIAA quality units?
  6. dude you have tinted headlight covers haha of course there going to be a lot dimmer. smh... mine are
  7. The Mustang headlights are fine with the OEM bulbs. Most of the aftermarket junk is just that...junk.

    Stock OEM color range is 3500K. When you swap in aftermarket 8K bulbs or higher, you get a dimmer light because human eyes cannot see blue that well. So all these aftermarket blue lights are NOT brighter as people say. The brightest light that you will see is the ugly yellow light that nobody wants.

    Now if you swapped in an HID headlight system, the reason it might be dim is because you are using a reflector housing that is scattering the light everywhere but the road.