2000 Mustang Build Needs Help

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  1. So long story short I have a 2000 mustang that was a very nice and fast car.. lots done to it etc. Recently got into an accident and it was totaled. So i bought the car back because it was some frame damage and everything else was still in perfect condition. Realized it may be too much to fix and finally found a replacement. I got another 2000 mustang as a roller. However when i bought it we did not realize 2 main things.. first that the heater core was missing and second the computer was gone. Too late now we decided to just take it all out of the original car and make it work. This new car was also a automatic car so we had to switch everything over to make it a manual. We now have completely swapped the car.. but we cannot get it to fire. Car cranks perfectly and tries to fire but we are not getting fuel. However we traced the wires and power is getting to the tank and the pump. We don't hear the pump run but with a lot of research we have done sounds like i may have a PATS issue and cannot figure out how to fix it. The theft light is flashing on the cluster and all. If anyone has any knowledge or help id really appreciate it.

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  2. Its the pats. I recently switched from an auto to a t-56 in my car, I switched the ecm also and the car would crank but no fire. Got my tuner to delete the pats and it fired right up.
  3. Theft light flashing means you likely aren't getting a signal from the PATS. Deleting it may help but you might go to Ford and have them reflash the computer.
  4. Let me get a few things straight first.
    You used the processor and the cluster from the donor car ?
    Have you checked all the obvious ?( fuses, grounds )
    Does the cluster show milage or all dashes?
    Was the swapped parts functional before the swap (electrical-pcm,cluster-)
    Try to turn the key on and off about 7 times if I remember right ( when you hear the door locks cycle, keep the key forward and push the lock button on the fob)

    I'll try to help the best I can, just try to post your results regardless so anyone with the same issue can reference this for future use.