Drivetrain 2000 Mustang Drives In Reverse In First Gear

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  1. iv done almost every thiong on the net the wheels turn if in the air and it goes with foot peddle but still in first gear it drives in reverse still if one more person says its the fluid im gone paper cut them whats going on iv checked coeds n breaks and the cable fro shifter to colom /cluster nothing help
  2. I want to say this is impossible but it's obviously happening. Is this an auto or manual transmission?
  3. Need more info.

    2000 mustang.

    V8 or v6?

    Automatic, or manual transmission?

    When did this issue start to happen?

    I'm gonna guess it's an automatic, in which case I'll ask if any work has been done recently under the car to the trans or in the general area of the shifter linkage hookup?
  4. I refuse to provide any insight until that mess of words is put into a logical and legible sentence (or two) .
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  5. I'm so glad I didn't have to say that.
  6. :rlaugh: beats the hell outer ma
  7. heres a better assesment . my 2000 ford mustang 2 door v 6 coupe with automatic transmission has a driving issue or two first let me give some of you true car teks a total and i dont care if you like my sentancind skills im not looking for some one two awnser or correct my ass when im diong car :poo: yes i did look and realized it was **** up so here we go i have a 2000 mustang that a friend had got to fix but he went the the big house so i paid his dogs pound fines fees and the car was given to me only coast 100 dollars it starts i got new ignition and pats eys i had a profeshonal smith come and program them now that started my ingine but i soon found that the trans mission pan was loos and finger tight i did fluid change when i droped tran pan there wfere two bolts from the valve body in the pan on closer inspection of valve body i noticed all the bolts to remove vvalve body where also finger toght re tightend to speks new gasket on pan filter and fluid toped off i did the re ajustment of the sgift cable and thats ok theres no metal in pan but it was as black as oil it will drive in reverse and reverse in first gear when i jacked all 4 tires off the ground and went through the gears first still went backwards ssecond wwent forwards 3 forward d foward n foward revers clunl revers then wobble ed and i turned engin off put it back on all 4 wheels but it did thev same thing as befor no foward movement just reverse in to differant geard first and reverse hepl
  8. Wow man. No offense but you didn't even make the attempt.

    That doesn't usually work since this an internet based forum where your attitude is measured by what you write in black and white.

    I guarantee that one or more of these people know how to help you. Were it me, I would make every attempt to meet them halfway.

    You really should look at some of their work before formulating your response.
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  9. Wow, your posts are incomprehensible.

    But from the bits I could understand, I am going to go out on a limb and say the transmission needs to be completely rebuilt/replaced. Clue #1, you said the fluid was black, or at least fluid and black were next to each other in your post. This is a sign that the transmission has been slipping for a long time, getting worse and worse. That will not only damage the band or clutch which is slipping, but overheat the fluid and cause all the other soft parts to wear excessively/overheat.

    An automatic transmission works by apply different bands and clutches to change the gear ratio. If one or more of the bands/clutches doesn't get applied because of a bad valve body (or more likely in your case, a worn or broken band/servo/clutch), then you wouldn't get the gear called for, but an entirely different gear, depending on what is applied. That is likely the reason you are getting reverse, when first gear is applied.

    Bottom line, the transmission needs to be entirely rebuild or replaced. Doesn't matter what's wrong with it, everything needs to be inspected, checked and wear parts replaced. To reduce the cost, you may consider a j-yard trans, especially since you seem able to do some basic labor on your own.
  10. Honestly I'm having trouble understanding the OP as well.

    Is it possible that the DTR range shifter hasn't been calibrated correctly? It would help to have a table. IE, when the dash says

    Park=some action
    Reverse then this happens.
    Neutral=this action
    Drive=that action
    2nd=what ever action
  11. I just simply can't understand.

    I want to suggest rechecking the shift cable adjustment. Seems like the shift to drive may not be disengaging Reverse, but the OP failed to mention if neutral functioned as it should.

    Edit: after rereading, I would suggest issues with the valve body install as well.
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  12. Loose valve body bolts could cause seperator plate issues. Allow pressure to bleed across veins.
  13. Some heavy hitters in the room.:pop:
  14. an auto it makes sense. For some reason I think manual tranny every time I see a transmission problem post.
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  15. Still trying to decipher the OP, bare with me here....