2000 Mustang GT Auto 0-60

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  1. What would you guys guess a stock 2000 GT auto would run 0-60 in? I'm trying to get an idea how big of a difference my mods have made...

  2. I'd say six seconds. Maybe more, maybe less. Nice car and picture btw.
  3. Stock, i d say 6.5
  4. 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'
  5. I'd say 6.0 seconds I believe.
  6. I think Ford says 5.5 for the Manual. For the Auto I would say about 6...
  7. i actually timed myself. its 5.8 and then 5.9, That with stepping on the brakes while hitting the gas and letting go of the brakes. Id guess different times with different launching.
  8. yeah, when I had my stang I did pretty good turning the traction contol off, power braking until I got a nice little spin going and the letting it go.
  9. I don't know how accurate those G-Tech things are...but i used a friends and got between 5.3 and 5.5...that was stock...I have a 5spd though.
  10. 5.9 sounds a lot better to me than 6.5, that really crapped me out. How big of a diference does a shift kit make? Whats a good one? Cost?
  11. Shift Kit

    Go to tccoa.com. Do the Jerry Mod (J-Mod). The guy who wrote this was an engineer who was instumental in our Automatics design. he also has a good educational area on them as well. You need to read this because the 98 up went to a different electronic setup and you can cause sever damage if you use other kits. This is explained here. I have heard allot of horror stories about TransGo on all of the Stang forums so i would steer clear of them. The J-Mod will give you instructions & diagrams on how to do it. I did it myself 10 months ago with no problems. It has been by far my best bang for the buck mod to date. I have a 215hp 97 with a few bolt ons and can get 12 ft of rubber on 1-2 shifts at WOT but can drive easy and a passenger would never know it was modded. Perfect. I have not raced it yet but I guarantee it is worth 2 tenths easily. I have read this to be pretty accurate by other guys who have done this.

    I did the Top Blue Accumulator Spring and no lower in 1-2, No Springs in 3-4 and went with the mild under 300hp drilling. You will understand this after reading the site. All parts are from Ford and drill bits are bought at a tool store or Sears. Total cost for parts - 35.00 Fluid 13 qts of DexronV 40.00.
    PM me if you have any questions.

  12. i have a auto vert 2000 .... i run 5.8 second 0-60 holding brake and holding the gas at about a little under 2000 rpms.... great launch :)
  13. WTF, jeez guys. Just cause its an auto doesnt mean its almost a second slower reaching 60mph!! :eek:

    My car does it at around 5.6-5.8 launching off idle. :nice:
  14. Um I think the official time for an auto is 5.8.....I read that in a magazine though
  15. 5.8 without powerbraking, just mashing the gass???
  16. Youd want to flash the converter. That is done by launching off idle. You give it 1/2-3/4th of throttle then when you feel the tires grip put the pedal to the floor. :)
  17. hmm, never heard about that before. What exactly is that doing?
  18. if i can do 6 in an auto vert you should be able to get at least that :D