2000 Mustang GT Mach 460 TUTORIAL! HELP!

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  1. Hey all I am the new owner of a 2000 Mustang GT with the Mach 460 System. After scouring the internet I have had no luck finding complete instructions on installing a new head unit on a 2000 Mustang GT with the Mach system. I have however found tutorials on other years and realize that they are similar but still different . I would like to make a complete list of instructions and parts for this year with no guessing involved but first I need whatever information my fellow 2000 GT Mustang owners can give me so I can complete my car. I have read that the harnesses needed can be bought at places such as autozone and walmart but I am not sure what part is it.

    I believe the part is FDK13B for the Scosche

    I also read this particular harness will work

    Which one is it?

    Also is a dash kit required on this year?

    Anyone with experience installing a head unit on a 2000 I would really appreciate your input and information regarding parts and tips. I plan on taking pictures and making this a step by step install so others like myself don't have to look further than our thread to get a nice stereo working in their 2000 with the Mach.

    Thanks in advance-
  2. That is for 2001 which is a double-din, 2000 is different.
  3. You do not need a dash kit, the opening the the dash is the correct size for a aftermarket radio. As far as the harness I believe the one from the parts express link that you posted should be the right one.
  4. Hey All I am still working on this. The original harness I listed for the 2000 DO NOT WORK. I repeat they DO NOT WORK. The guys at bestbuy also thought it was the one I had listed but after tearing my car apart it absolutly is not right for the 2000s. The correct harness I believe is


    I am going to go looking for it tomorrow I hope I will update when I get it.
    This harness was sent to me by Blueink who has been a great help in this process.
    After removing the factory radio and slave cd unit which took the better part of an hour even with the correct tools I have a few tips for someone working on a 2000 with the Mach system.

    1-Take your time and if you get frustrated enlist the help of a friend
    2-After you remove the head unit there will be a torx fastener that attaches to the firewall that holds the whole dash bezel on. Remove this torx fastener and this will allow you to pull the whole dash bezel from the vehicle and work on removing the slave cd unit without the stick(if you have a manual) being in the way.

    I will update as I move forward with this install and will also post pictures

  5. Allllright the radio is in and working, here are some pictures to help out. Below are pictures of the two main connections you will need to hook into. The first picture is the power plug for the headunit and the second contains all your speaker wires. I will have to post a couple pictures each post due to the limit on attachments. Here is a step by step plan on installation of a deck on a 2000 Mustang GT

    1) Unhook your battery just to be safe, you should always unhook your battery when working on car electronics.

    2)Remove the stock radio and slave cd player with the radio removal tools or a hanger bent into the correct shape. I won't go into detail about this removal, you should check other threads if you have questions. This can be a real pain in the butt to say the least and you may need the help of a friend. If you get frustrated walk away before you scratch up your radio bezel, you may need to rock the radio back and forth when you put the release keys in.

    3)Unplug the radio and cd player from their car harnesses(plug are on the back of the radio and cd player) and get that factory garbage out of your way since you won't be needing it anymore.

    4)At this point you should already have the correct harness but if you are still looking for it the part is Metra Harness #70-5511(THANKS Member BLUEINK and also eliteJAE for sending me the parts and tips, you guys are awesome) I picked this up at Mickey Shore($10.00) because nobody around here seemed to have it. It can be purchased at a variety of locations but just not in my town apparently haha.

    You will also need a 5 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator (Radio Shack #276-1770) to eliminate amplifier pop when you turn the system on(Thanks Tim over at USAMustangs.com). This will be soldered in between the radio harness and and metra adapter on the amp turn on wire(it says it on the wire which wire this is and I believe it is blue with a white stripe on it). Simply solder the wire from the radio harness on the input prong and the wire from the Metra adapter on the output prong. The regulator will need to be grounded also, I spliced it into the ground on the power harness but I suppose it could be grounded on the frame of the car also, that would be the users call. There are pictures below showing the soldering(I am no expert solderer by any means, as long as it sticks and stays I am happy) This will stop the POP that happens when you turn your vehicle on, I tried it without the regulator and it absolutely is necessary.

    5) Match all the corresponding colors or wires and connect them on your headunits harness and your metra harness. I took my time and soldered all of them but that is your call. Tape everything up(each individual wire) so that there is no chance of a short and also tape up and cover the wires you will not be using.

    6) Take your radio back out and test it, make sure everything works before placing into your car. If it works you are golden you can now put it back in the dash. No dash kit is required for this car because it is a single DIN radio, you just need to bend the pins on your head units install sleeve to keep it in there. You will want to purchase a universal din pocket as I stated above, the part number is also listed above

    I will post pictures below! message me on here or at [email protected] if you have questions and I will try to help if possible. This should be pretty self explanatory but get a hold of me if you need help and I will answer back!


    Please feel free to critique this or add on guys if you see something I missed!

    Picture on left is power harness and picture on right is 8 pin speaker harness

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  6. Picture on Left is harness being wired and picture on right is regulator with input prong soldered( amp turn on wire from radio harness onto the prong shown

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  7. Regulator wired and radio installed(din pocket is in the mail soon to be installed)

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  8. Realized the DIN pocket part number is not listed above it is...

    Metra Electronics Corp. # 88-00-9000.

    The regulator truly is the hardest part of this install besides removing the factory radio and slave cd player which for me was difficult in my car(maybe others didnt have the same issues I did, no idea)

    I didn't go into much detail about grounding the regulator so here is some better explanation..
    There are two ways to ground the regulator from the center pin of the regulator of the hole in the back which can be used to fasten to a ground. I chose to run the ground on the radio harness through this hole, wrap it around the whole and solder the ground back together. This provided a secure connection and also stops me from having to find a screw to ground the regulator to. Check out this post on another forum if you are still confused, gotta register to see the pictures.


    Thanks guys and good luck, this should help all of you 2000 owners stuck with that factory radio. Oh yea it sounds AWESOME with the new radio!
  9. WOW! man finally, I was beginning to think that ur never get it installed! :D One thing, It seems that my 5volt regulator called it quits!:( Reason being, that this weekend, I installed a new(used really) steering wheel on the car, and disconnected the battery cable. Regulator was fine, and speaker pop was not present before this. Well after installing the steering wheel, connecting battery and cranking her up, I heard a light pop from the speakers, and now its definitely there, not as loud as on first install before I found out how to get rid of it, but definitely enough to be bothersome and heard. All these little electronic components are very delicate, and IM assuming, when I reconnected the battery cable, it did not like the sudden power up of the electrical system, IONO, word of advice disconnect radio as well, when disconnecting battery if U have the resistor mod, to keep the resistor from blowing out. The soldering part takes some effort and im sure you dont want to repeat it again, or everytime the batt is disconnected.
  10. Thats no good, at least they only cost a couple bucks! The soldering does take some time to get sturdy enough to stay though. Good luck with all that
  11. I am trying to install a Jensen VM9512 headunit in my 2000 mustang. When I hook everything, sound only comes out of the front left speaker by the window and the back left speaker. The other 4 speakers do nothing. When I try to run the sound test, it goes to make a sound out of the right speaker, but it comes out of the left speaker for the front and back. My first thought was I messed up with wiring. This is not the case, I checked it twice, one time actually rewiring the whole thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas what my problem is. Is it possibly the harnest I purchased? All help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Possibly, which harness did you buy? If it is the same one I listed in the thread it would work fine. I have no idea what other harnesses work with this system. If it is not the harness listed above I would purchase that harness and start over and I would bet everything will work out. Let me know what happens!
  13. Yeah, I got one from a local store that looked similar. I will order that one in hopes that it will work. Thank you for your help.
  14. Got the radio working but I think I blew out the dash lights in the proccess. I checked all the fuses and found one blown one. Replaced it and still experiencing issues. This is going to be fun!!!
  15. http://www.modularfords.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96542

    for a 99 and 00 you will need

    metra harness 70-5521 (partsexpress.com) carries the harness.

    the metra 70-5519 is the correct metra harness to use for 2001-2004 mustangs with Mach 460. for whatever reason they have them labeled wrong.

    i know this because I installed mine with the 70-5521 it didn't work, bought the 70-5519 it all worked fine.

    i've emailed metra numerous times, but i keep getting told I don't know what I am talking about, so screw 'em. i've even sent them proof in the mail, but no one ever writes back or calls.
  16. Yeah, I got the wrong harness the first time around, but my radio is working now. Thanks for everyones help!!!
  17. good glad to hear it!!!
  18. Mixedbreed,

    The correct harness for 99-00's is


    The harness part numbers you listed are not correct. Ironically I actually purchased the harness you listed my first time around which prompted me to make this thread because again that harness IS NOT CORRECT!

    The harness link above and the one listed in earlier posts is the one that I personally used along with two other 99-00 owners and it is absolutely the correct harness.