2000 Mustang GT Mach 460 TUTORIAL! HELP!

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  1. Yes this is the same I harness that I personally used on my 2000 GT with mach460 and can verify that it worked. Now my friend here says he tried that 70-5521 harness and it DID NOT work on his 99-00, hence he came to me askin what I had used, and I refered him to the metra 70-5511, which is the one in the link he posted. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Im sure all this harness confusion has to do with the subtle changes that were made to the mach460 in 01 model years, but the above link contains the correct/proven to work harness for the 99-00. Granted there are other variations out there, some with gain controls on the speakers output signal, which would probably be useful if one chooses to purchase a ****TY radio with an even ****TIER EQ, but I have no idea of these work on our 99-00 cars, or the 01-04 for that matter.
  2. if you say so.

    i've done a 99 GT, a 00 GT, an 02 GT, an 03 GT, an 04 cobra....and I never had any problems.

    the 99 and 00 used the metra 70-5521 and worked just fine. the 02, 03, 04 all used the 70-5519.

    sounds like some wires got incorrectly connected somewhere.

    but as long as it's resolved and it all works, then it's all good.
  3. Hi all, I have a 2000 Mustang convertable and would like to replace the stock stereo and cd player with something like Bronco2019's. I was wondering what you guys put in the opening where the old cd player was after the new stereo install.
  4. There is a pocket you can get, I believe the part number is listed above.
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  6. Go find a pocket from a 'stang that just came with a single unit. I think some other fords used the same pocket, mabye the t-birds or cougars. They are the right size and just snap in and look like factory, cause they are!!!
  7. i actually prefer that harness b/c it used rca outputs (low voltage) versus speaker outputs (high voltage).

    if it was my car, i would have bypassed the amp and either installed a new amp or ran off of the head unit's amp.
  8. I have a 2000 GT and I am having a terrible time figuring out how to install a new head unit. When I first bought it I had wires all spliced up in the back but the system was working. I wanted to add my own amp to run a sub box which I later figured out that I had to connect the line out converter to my high frequecy connectors. Any way it was working fine until I kept hearing the rear speakers even when the car was turned off, which later resulted in my battery going dead. Well needless to say I just disconnected both my amps and removed the factory head unit all together. my question after all this is would it just be easier to rewire all the speakers into the new head unit or just try and reconnect the Mach 460 and het a harness? Could someone please help!
  9. put everything back in, get the right harness (Metra 70-5510 (according the guys above), and rewire it ad see what happens.

    get a sub and amp and run it regular to the head unit...forget the line out converter stuff.
  10. But why are my speakers still running when the car is off? all I did was cut the tips off the high frequency wires (Black/Green) and connected the line out converter. It was all good until then. Besides when I bout the car they were just hanging there, they weren't even connected. The joker before me had a mess of wires all over the place.
  11. Get the correct harness for the vehicle, I listed the part numbers you need in the tutorial. Do everything as I posted and it will work. The tutorial is a compilation of a few guys information and each one of us has a vehicle that works flawlessly. If you want to run a separate sub box thats fine, run RCA's off your deck to the amp and the other necessary amp turn on wiring and you will be fine. I would not try to circumvent the mach system unless you plan on replacing everything and I also wouldn't try the other part numbers that people have placed into this thread. What I listed WORKS and I personally have a 2000 GT that has worked perfectly for months now.
  12. Are you referring to getting the pocket from a salvage? Are these available new?
    Any other suggestions on what could go into the slot where the CD player was such as music lights etc?
  13. You can buy a plastic pocket, the part number is listed on the first page of this thread. You can also get gauge pods and things like that for the open space if you so choose. I know some guys choose to fabricate their own pods and switch panels so that is also an option.
  14. Yeah, I pulled one out of a salvage yard and cleaned and armor-alled it and it's perfect. I am sure the ford dealership will sell you one, but be prepared to pay for it. The junkyard one cost me $5 and now looks like a new one. Aftermarket companies make ones that fit, but I am dedicated to making my aftermarket goodies look like they came factory installed, so i got the ford one. You can kinda see it underneath my deck in this pic. [​IMG]
  15. Sounds to me like you have the amplifier turn on wire connected to a constant power source, cant remember what color it is off the top of my head, but get a wiring diagram and find it. It will connect to the blue/ white wire of an aftermarket unit. Once you do this, the amps will turn off when the sterio does and they will not drain your battery.
  16. The wiring harness is the same for all 94-00 mach 460's with the slave cd player. I used 5510 but the 5511 works too.
  17. I am only familiar with what worked with my car which was the 70-5511, and it functions flawlessly. I do appreciate the input though, I never thought this thread would hit 3000 hits. I am glad to see the information I put up(with the help of other members) and the tutorial has helped a large group of people.
  18. Well that sucks.. I just received the 70-5519 harness in the mail for my 2000 GT because everyone told me it would work.. Now im reading here that it wont work, It looks like I can choose from the 5510, 5511 or 5512 harness but not sure which one to get?

    EDIT: I contacted Metra and they recommended I use the 70-5510 due to the fact it has low level inputs for the factory amps and Im going to be adding a subwoofer and another amp to drive it. luckily my Pioneer headunit has 3 RCA outputs (Front / Rear / Sub).