2000 Mustang GT Mach 460 TUTORIAL! HELP!

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  1. Thanks for the post. It turns out that it was due to not having the blue amp wires hooked up. I was so desperate after looking at it four hours --so I relented and let my wife look at it. 5 minutes later she figured it out. I'm going to be paying for this for a while...

    By the way, the 70-5511 worked perfectly for me after jiggling the 8-pin speaker harness around a bit...It's a tricky connector to get the pins lined up.
  2. I used the 5511 harness, have everything correct, but I have no sound either. I am running a Kenwood MP235 cd player...I have a question about the 460 system however, is there a bundle of wiring that connects to the under dash front amp under the speaker input?

    Nanna got this car and had this Kenwood put in it, and when they installed it, they bypassed the factory amps, but used the factory speakers, so I got no bass response AT ALL they used a amp bypass clip which I removed today, then I reconnected it to the rear of the factory amp, but is there a different factory clip under it?? It feels like it, but I cant SEE it to tell...

    or am I missing something way to frickin easy???I have googled but cannot find a simple wiring scematic for these mac one systems in my 2000 gt. please help.
  3. Yes. there is a harness that runs to the back of the sterio from that amp. Follow the power plug connected to the sterio, and look for a (about 1in X 1in) square plug with metal shielding around it, thats the speaker feed going to the amps. It should be taped along side that power plug. Whoever installed that kenwood apparently isn't fromiliar with the Mach setup (if there an install shop they should know the mach systems well... key word= should.) If it was a standard stock setup, the amp bypass would have worked, but using that part in that place on the mach would have only sent signals(full range, not crossed over as the factory amp sends it. Had you turned it up for an extended period, damage could have been caused to the tweets with it wired that way.) to the tweeters.:nonono:
  4. Hey guys!

    I am glad to see so many people have used this thread for help! I had to sell my beloved Mustang sadly but this thread will live on helping people!

    Good luck guys!

  5. If I understand what I read you were trying to connect a Voltage regulator 7805 with a 12v input.
    I've used them in power supplies and many other apps and you have to use a 7v to 9v max input voltage. 12v is too much and it will fry the IC.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Question!!!

    In your 00 did you have the factory cd player and factory cassette? Cause I have a cd and cassette. I followed your tutorial and i'm stuck. I bought the metra 70-5511 harness and hooked it up and now i only have playback from the right speakers in the car.
    Let me know if you can help

  7. Hey brad.. on the back of my tape player/radio I see the grey connector that you posted in the first picture but the second picture... where is that located when you first remove the stereo... I have two that look similar to that picture but without the colored wires... as if there for the amps maybe?... also inside my dash on the "floor" looks to be an amp of some sort.. do I need to do anything with that?... from reading your posts it seems that everything I need to connect to will be on the back of the factory tape/radio.. however mine has just the grey part of the harness, and two silver ones that clip in as well as a ground.. does this make sence to you.. and also do I need to do anything with the factory cd player and its cables... please reply I would appreciate it thanks alot