2000 mustang part out + a few sets of sn and fox taillights

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by Night Shifter, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. door panels

    how much for both door panels w/ switch housings shipped top 31775?
  2. do you still have the switch bezels for the doors for a 2002
  3. sorry for not replying to you all...my computer is down right now so all i have is my phone..

    for some reason i cant reply to pm's on the mobile version of this site...

    on the gold car i still have the full interior minus the passenger side air bag, shifter bezel and boot, steering wheel airbag, and both radio and cd player. i dont think i have the window switches for the drivers side.

    i still have the passenger mirror and ill have to check on the steerong wheel but it is black not grey.

    drivers side seat is also broke and it falls backwards a little if you lean against it

    i should be able to get to a real computer around thursday. im moving and will be settled in then and i should be back to having real internet and a working computer.

    i will reply to my pm's then and pm those of you wanting prices if you guys dont care to wait...

    thanks guys!
  4. How much for the dash,console,headliner,a pillar,b and c pillar trim.? are the parts pulled? I'm located in florida. thanks
  5. I can use the driver air bag if the price is right
  6. I'm in the market for (From the Gold Car) The Passenger side Brake Light (Or both) The Passenger Side Fender. The Hood, The Bumper Cover and Foam The grill, The fiberglass assembly for the Headlights to mount to. I need a radiator, and support. (Notice a Trend here. And a hood latch. Not to mention just about anything in between. I'm willing to pay for Freight Shipping if we can figure a good price on the parts. Feel free to txt me 4192038545 Thx!
  7. taillights

    do you still have the tail lights for the gold mustang?
  8. how much for the honeycomb piece in the side scoops
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