New Member
Nov 10, 2015
Mansfield TX
i don't know much about cars this why I come here for help, well just this morning I woke up had to drive somewhere and I turned my car on and it was shaking not violently but very noticeable and I've read on here with people who had similar problems and I'm hearing tons of stuff, engine mounts(which sounds correct) crankshafts and what not, the only reason I don't check on the mounts is cause I don't have very much to play around with and hoping someone could suggest something ounce I hear my car get out of first gear it has no problem with this but when I'm I idling or rolling in first it's shaking but when I get out of first it's perfect, I thought maybe it was because my engine was low on oil so I put 3 quarts in and it's still occurring I just had a brake job done because my brakes went out totally different story but I got that done 2 weeks ago any replies are greatful thanks
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