2000 Mustang v6 special edition

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  1. Ok, this is my first post and i'm pretty sure i'm correct but had to post to find out for sure.

    The situation is, my mom is planning on buying a mustang for my little sisters 16th birthday. I have no clue about mustangs, I used to be into Honda's heavy when I was younger.

    My mom sent me a pic of a mustang that some guy is trying to sell to her as a 2000 Mustang V6 special edition, and i'm trying to tell her that there was no such vehicle unless it was a cobra R, right?

    The vehicle in question is below, i just can't believe that ford would tack that ugly ass decal on a mustang and call it a special edition. Please help me out so I can stop my mom from getting raped by this guy for a base model v6. BTW it's a horrible pic but for some reason it's all i can get off my phone. TIA

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  2. i would do a kelly blue book value on that car and try to find out how much its worth imo. But i don't think there's a special edition out there Ford trims that i know are (Gt, Bullitt, Mach 1, Roush, Saleen, Cobra)
  3. Yea I did run it through kbb and it doesn't have any trim model as a special edition. Anybody know for sure?
  4. No such thing. It's just some ugly sticker soneone put on the car. From the pic it looks like a normal 2000 v6

    Is it worth $3800?? Would need more info

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