2000 Ranger 5r55e Trans Issue

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by JMGlasgow, May 19, 2017 at 2:49 PM.

  1. Anyone know much about these transmissions?

    Recently my truck wouldn't go into reverse. It only happened once. Checked fluid level, it was OK. Let it run for a few, and it had reverse.

    Also, sometimes when I first start to drive the truck, and accelerate up to speed (40+) it won't shift into third gear. I let off the throttle, and I can feel it drop in to gear. Only happens when I first start driving, after that it shifts fine.

    I've read that these transmissions have solenoid issues. Any experts on these here?
  2. The valve body is notorious for getting cracks in the worm tracks. The reverse problem doesn't sound familiar with that, but the shift to third is very common. I was told by corporate to price a valve body when that happens. Also you can drop off the pan, and there is a soienoid you can adjust. I think it's the MPV IIRC. Turn it 1/8 of a turn with a screwdiver.