Roush 2000 Roush stalling problems

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Roushstang, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. hello. i recently bought a 2000 roush stage 2 with a super charger dropped into it in '04 with only about 48k miles on it. before i bought it and took it for a test drive the car ran fine. the person i bought it from said that he dropped a new fuel pump in it but since february, he's probably only put 3-4 tanks of gas in it because he wasn't around to drive it. it was taken to a dealership and diagnostics were ran on it months before with no problems showing up. well recently after driving it for awhile, the car would stall, start to putter (like it's trying to stay on) then die. Would this be the cause of a bad fuel filter from maybe bad gas sitting in it? i can only go off words on what he said from how many tanks of gas he put in it of course. also, the forward A/C vents don't seem to be blowing any air but the defroster does blow air (although particules seem to come out of it). Of course my first concern would be to find out why my car is stalling out after being able to drive it around town for a little while and seeming like it didn't have any trouble. Thank you much for any advice.
  2. Good place to start ... FUEL. As we diagnosis there are a lot of questions to aask.
    It could be the fuel filter. Has it been changed? Have you noticed this before? Symptom .... rough idle, hard to start?
    Stalling could be a host of issues for FUEL, AIR FLOW, computer management of these functions. Is the car throwing any codes?
    This could and likely be a drive train issue which would be a typical FORD fix and not a ROUSH issue.