Roush 2000 Roush what now?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SN95FREAK, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Hi, My wife purchased a 2000 silver roush stage two for me with only 37000 miles its like brand new so I'm told I have not seen it in person yet because I'm in iraq. I have a 94 gt with a ton of bolt ons,this is my first mod motor. The roush has a vortech blower and short throw, I now have bought a roush T/B, pro. products intake plenum and pulleys. My question is when I put the plenum and T/B on will I have to buy a bigger MAF. Thanks
  2. Does VORTECH require a larger MAF with the upgraded/smaller pulley and intake mods? Or a new calibration, without an injection upgrade?
    That the question.
    ROUSH didn't do Vortech installs on 99+ mustangs. If you added injectors and a larger T/B you'd probably have to get a recaled MAF for the new injectors sizes.
  3. Thanks

    It has the green top injectors so I would think that it would have to have the recaled. MAF, so in my way of thinking the plenum and T/B swap should not have any adverse affect. Oh and it also has a superchip in it. Cant wait to get home and drive the thing.