Saleen 2000 s281 saleen supercharger on 2002 GT 2v?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by fivemustangs, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. I posted this in the 4.6 threads but I wanted the saleen opitions also.....

    Hey I have a few questions about supercharging my mustang GT. I read alot about putting a eaton M112 on my 2002 mustang GT and everyone has said just wait and get a kenne bell. But I have found a deal on a superchager from a 2002 s281 and the guy says it will bolt up to a 99-04 mustang gt 2V. He is selling it for $1000 OBO. Now im not sure on the other parts but it comes with the lower intake, throttle body, 39LB injectors, fuel rails and intercooler. I have a inline pump for 1000+ hp and I know I would need a mass air and a tune......but is that all I need? and would this really mount up to a 2002 GT
    2v? Thanks guys!
  2. that should be all you need, someone else could probably offer better insight on parts. 1000 isnt a bad price for that whole setup, 750 is even better. you can make it into the high 300, low 400 whp range with that. Pick up smaller pulley (saleen sells a 2.80" inch on their website) or chicane. The good part is as long as the parts are still in good condition, you can probably get your money back when you're ready for a KB blower by selling it.

    good luck.
  3. Yes it will bolt up. 99-04 Saleens have a 2v motor unless it is a rare Cobra Saleen. I bolted a Series I on mine last month. I put 42# injectors and a 90mm MAF on mine. You will need a tune. It should make just over 300 to the wheels. The Saleen is an M90, as opposed to the 114 which is on the 03-04 Cobra. If you have any questions PM me, me and a buddy did the install off of his donor Saleen Clone. Mine was $1500 for blower,intercooler,intake tube.
    I took alot of pics and was gonna do an install thread.