2000 saleen VS. 2003 Lancer Evo

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  1. from what i know the evo is bone stock. My car on the other hand has rear seat delete, steeda tri ax shifter, K&n intake system, chip, and more weight reduction. Now at all of this and i knowing that you guys know about saleens who do you guys think will win. It's a race that my friend took care off. Now i tols him too race for 50$ bucks but he said just for fun. let me know
  2. Is the saleen supercharged?
  3. if the saleen isn't supercharged..then it's just a basic GT with a better suspension...EVO are pretty fast...and light...
  4. it would be a good race though...I honestly don't know who would win! but the Lancers are AWD, and they run about mid 2 high 13's stock! He'll probably get you off the line but, you might pull some on him.
  5. What times do you normally run???
  6. A dude I know has an Evo and I always pull on him from a roll. From a dig he owns me, but he won't race me from a dig again. Something about too many hard drag launches screwing his stuff up :shrug:.
  7. sweet!

    Although you have more mods then he does.
  8. EVOs don't really have much more HP than 99+ GTs. They also have AWD losses. They only weigh 200 lbs less at most stock vs stock (32xx vs 34xx). Their AWD launch is all they have stock vs stock. When you start to mod, the turbo car gets faster a lot quicker.

  9. Curb Weight: 3263 lbs. ~evo 2003
    Curb Weight: 3242 lbs. ~2000 GT

    this is from edmunds.com. It says the 2004 GT is 33xx, I guess the 00's are lighter b/c no hood scoop? :rlaugh: I think it'll be a good race, you'll win from a roll (assuming he's stock) b/c they put down less horsepower to the ground b/c of the awd loss.
  10. off the line the race is his. Roll you should. IF HE IS STOCK.
  11. i actually pulled on him from a roll when i only had exhaust. even more now that i have FO TENZ. :D

  12. i have a friend that has a evo & he just had to replace his clutch & it was like $1000 or $1500 (i can't remember which one). his car is absolutley nasty though, it's far from stock & he needed a nasty clutch to go along with it. btw, he just had his car, completely worked over; larger turbo, custom manifold, & the list goes on. he put down 504 whp on a awd dyno, i think. it's been a while since i saw the sheet, i'll try & double check

    p.s.- i saw him completly rape a z06, with a good driver :eek:
  13. u have pullies too?
  14. Be sure to take it to ATLEAST 60-80mph. He will eat you alive down low with his AWD, but once you get going you should reel him in and pass. :nice:
  15. well my saleen is not supercharged. it's the speedster model and i forgot to include that its a conv. with the roll bar. so it might be more heavy than that. when i did my smog they said estimated at 3,500. i know from a roll he will pull on me. thanks to all who replied. so should i race and spank him or go home and weep?
  16. He will beat you.
  17. Now that is a vid that I want to see :banana:

    I say just for for it win or lose, if you lose just get more mods and try again, if you win ... thumbs up to you ... but most EVO owners know about some good mods to really wake that car up like Boost Controller, Offroad Downpipe, Affordable turbo upgrade, etc,. .. good luck!
  18. Race him but, like I said, be sure to take it to the higher speeds where you have the advantage. You should be able to pull him up top.
  19. thanks everybody i'll get it on video for you guys it's coming soon hopefully by this saturday or the next.
  20. ok

    if you can drive I think you can beat him.. he is going to get you on the launch but you will slowly get to him.. most likely when he launches he will bog and you will be ahead and pull away.. AWD is hard to launch.. I driven a some WRX's and you have to rev it ****ing high and hope it doesnt bog.. but if you get it right you take off.. one nite at the track.. I watch a EVO run low 14's to a 12.8.. race him from a roll and how him whats up..