$2000. Save it or use it?

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  1. I am generally happy with my car and am actually having trouble thinking of some thing to spend the extra cabbage on.

    "real" Shelby Torq Thrust wheels to replace the Ford wannabees?

    Long tubes and HF cats?

    Single piece DS?

    Trip to Hawaii?

    2000 lotto tickets?
  2. Donate it.

    To me of course.

    I'd save it and go for the turbo kit i have my eye on.
  3. Is not a man entitled to the sweat from his brow?

    "NO!", says the man in Washington. "It belongs to me."

    "NO!", says the church. "It belongs t god."

    "NO!", says the Communist. "It belongs to ALL OF US!"
  4. Providing you do the work yourself 2G's would give you the LT's with HF cats AND the Driveshaft. That's what I'd go for if I had the cash you speak of.

    From the signature I can tell that you're a track guy so I really suggest you invest in a Watts Linkage.

    If I were in your spot (i.e. not having a WL already) I'd get one which is about 600 bucks, dump another 600 in an SLP Modular X-pipe with HF Cats (which can be used on long tubes at a later time), and another 600 in the driveshaft which leaves me 200 bucks to play with for other stuff like maybe an HID conversion or something cheap like that.

    You got a Shelby GT which is a great starting point already having a Hurst Shifter and the FRP Suspension.
  5. Actually because I do race my car I was thinking of starting my Agent47 fund with this cash.
  6. I would keep the wheels you have and get an Aluminum DS, Steeda UD Pullies, Hiflow Intake "elbow" if you don't already have one, UCA and LCAs if you don't have them, and last but not least the Long tubes and HF cats with a custom tune!
  7. :Word:

    If you're satisfied with the car as it is and you can't think of anything you "need" right now, why spend it?

    If you do, you may find you aren't satisfied with your new found parts and decide to spend money you don't have in the future to enhance them?
  8. I wouldn't waste it on LT's unless you want them for sound.

    With that amount of money you can do gears, driveshaft, UD pullies, and a custom dyno tune and still have enough left to throw in a CAI. But I'm not sure if the SGT needs one.:shrug:
  9. Best to ask others at your track;

    CAI, gears, and tune.

    Best to ask others at your track; they may very well save you a LOT of headache knowing you are getting parts that apply to what you like to do...

    Jus my 2.
  10. Save it. Until next summer...and see where we are in the upcoming depression.

    You might want to eat, instead.
  11. You may need it for gasoline.