2000 stang v6 convertible rough running

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by sean osburn, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I bought a 2000 v6 convertible stang.. rough idle at full operating temp.. blatting and fart thru muffler then sounds like valve/lifter noise.. runs better cold.. has new alternator, egr. solenoid, wires,plugs,upper rad hose, thermostat, oil and filter, air filt, cleaned intake, maf sensor new egr sensor and hoses still runs ruff when warmed up. more recent, battery was dead, jumped it and noticed the interior lights were on.. they wouldnt shut off so i pulled the bulbs of the rearview..4 hours later battery dead again.. pulled headlight switch and replaced with new.. jumped battery.. ran 40 mins.. turned off..restarted but battery dead.. bought new battery.. try to hook it up and it sparks like theres as heavy drain on it.. any ideas>??? pls help.. i may try replacing the coil pack but theres obviously a short somewhere too....
  2. ok first off , blatting and fart through muffler? think i know what you mean , although its only a lifter or valve if you hear it ALL the time , if you only hear it when throttling up then its an exhaust leak , most likely immediatly after the exhaust manifold by the firewall but probably not gonna be the manifold itself , but right after it where the rest of the exhaust bolts on , and you have a ground and hot wire mixed up somewhere , im willing to bet money you do , if its not blowing fuses then its something hooked directly to the battery , you said you saw sparks? if you did then thats where the short is or the mixed up wires , do you have multiple wires running directly to your battery , if you do then tell more , tell me all about where it sparks and when and i can tell you whats wrong