2000 subwoofer trunk convertible

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  1. I need to know what boxes will fit in a convertible 2000

    from what I got from crutchfield the measurements are

    (Area in trunk for mounting a subwoofer box: Height = 7" towards front, 12" at rear, Width (front to rear) = 26" maximum, Length (side to side) = 34" maximum between wheel wells (trunk opening is only 28")

    crutchfield is saying only an 8" box will fit

    there has got to be a way to get bigger subs than an 8"
  2. To be honest with you it well be hard to find a box that fits perfect. Most of the time they are hard to take in and out. I would recommend a truck box or a single if you need some room in the trunk. also depends on how much bass you want. I personally would use the Kicker L5 loaded enclosure. I can be heard around the block if i wanted to but, I enjoy my hearing so I have the amp turned down low. Just enough for me to enjoy inside
  3. MTX Thunderform Box made for the 94-04 Stangs. Mounts on passenger side of trunk. Trash the supplied MTX woofer and replace with a kicker. And you still have access to your spare and plenty of storage space. Problem solved. It's what I am currently using.

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  4. well would I need to remove the stock amps to do that?
  5. No, but you will need to add a subwoofer amp.
  6. could you possibly point me to one that will fit a convertible...I found a bunch that specifically say no convertibles

    and would it only be a 10" or a 12? lol
  7. I just pointed you to one on post #3 that says it won't fit, but it will.

    And yes, only one 10 inch speaker. If you want more than that, your on your own and better off building a custom speaker box for the trunk. Most pre-built boxes will not fit thru the trunk opening space.
  8. This is what I built for my brothers 99 convertible Cobra. 2 amps and a 10" sub all fit and he can still easily get the spare tire out and haul a cooler and a couple folding chairs to the car shows...



  9. lol it looks like you built it literally into the back seat

    why two amps?? is it one 4 channel and one sub amp?
  10. lol it looks like you built it literally into the back seat

    why two amps?? is it one 4 channel and one sub amp?
  11. I did a 4 channel for the front and rear speakers, and a mono amp for the sub. For the box I was able to get a .75 cubic ft sealed box built under the area that the top folds onto. I was actually suprised that it all fit and there was so much trunk space left.
  12. Does any one have any ideas for adding woofers on a 89 mustang vert ?
  13. Oh wait... you said vert...


    There. That's better. :D