Engine 2000 v6 mustang

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  1. i just got a v6 mustang 2000 and i wanted to change motor to v8 so i can keep v6 insurance can anyone help wat do i have to change
  2. You will have to change more than what it will cost you to insure a V8 car. You'd be better off finding a complete (wrecked) donor car from the junk yard so that you will have a host of swappable parts. Preferably one that was side-swiped.

  3. Not sure what you're trying to get at here. If you mean that a V8 costs you more in insurance than a V6 will then yes... That is correct. The point is that a conversion to a V8 will cost you even more. It's a lot more involved than just slapping a V8 into the car and turning the key. Items that you will need that come immediately to mind:

    Entire Wiring Harness
    Engine Control Unit
    Drive shaft
    Complete Exhaust system
    Fuel pump (at minimum)
    8.8 inch Rear End (Yeah... the whole thing)

    To make it viable, you would need to purchase a V8 car from the junk yard and swap everything over. If you tried to buy these parts a piece at a time, it will cost more than what the difference in the price of your insurance would cost you. A LOT more.

    If you're able to do the work yourself then you're ahead of the game. If you're paying someone to do it RIGHT, then it would a LOT cheaper to buy a used V8 car, register it, insure it, and drive it.

    Even if your insurance for a V8 car increased $200 a month (No way in the world it should be unless your driving record is seriously screwed), that's still only $2400 a year. The swap is going to cost you a lot more than that.
  4. nahhhh, I meant you can mod a 6 and be happy with it..not motor swap cuz they are out there modded and ya never get what you put in.

  5. Oh no doubt... I've seen a couple turbo kits and one Torque Tech kit that I was particularly impressed with. I didn't drive any of the turbo cars but the Torque Tech car would have slain any stock 2V 4.6. I don't recall ever seeing one of those kits for cars earlier than 05 though. :chin