2000 v6 owner.. nice to meet ya

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  1. thanks for having me, ive gotten a lot of help from other forums and have saved thousands of dollars im sure getting advice from other members, hopefully this forum will do the same

    so who am i... i am a retired police officer from upstate ny and currently own a bar in southern ulster county ny... the mustang i own is actually my wifes, a 2000 3.8 v6 that i bought brand new and have taken top notch care of, once i find the pics of have of it all cleaned and polished up ill post them, its developed a gremlin recently i plan to ask about and see what i can find, like i said i am a memeber of a corvette forum and i have gotten top notch advice on my old 84 crossfire and have become an absolute expert on that motor!!
    i consider myself a very good mechanic and will tackle most any job BUT i have a very good friend who is an absolute genius mechanic and owns a garage so i find myself takingmy cars to him since not only does he get parts cheaper but he lets me pay him in beer and chicken wings!! :cheers:

    like i said thanks for havingme and its nice to meet you all
    be talking soon im sure