2001 Bullitt, No crank, No start but will push start


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Nov 16, 2000
As explained in title, Had the car up on stands changing the front O2 sensors.
also change out a a split hose running to the evap purge valve in the passenger side fender well.
drop the car down go to turn the key and nothing, not even a click.... Also most like i didn't push in the clutch..
But rolling down the driveway i can pop the clutch and it starts and runs fine.
I tried swapping the relays under the hood, tried hitting the starter. still nothing.
I was already tired and had no patience to try anything else.
So after push starting it. I went to drop off at a friends shop, got to the shop let it idle while i went in to talk.
When I came back out to move it into the shop. The odometer had all dashes. but was running fine. I parked the car shut it off and turned the key back on, still no start but the odometer was reading normal again.
WHAT THE HELL IS Wrong..... Could it Be a CCRM?
I just found out that it was in the fender where i was at when i changed the purge valve hose.
But i didn't have to mess or move any wires while there.

Side note: What is the best way to add a Starter Button to bypass the key.
With out running a wire straight to the starter.
So i don't have to push start it.
Thanks for the help
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